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CONGRATS GALE!! We love your hard work and dedication around the gym!

CONGRATS GALE!! We love your hard work and dedication around thegym!


Sorry! We were supposed to announce the 16.1 TCF MVP on Friday but the way 16.2 was structured kept us from making the announcement. But without further ado, the first MVP award goes to Gale (Sharmain Villanueva, etc..) Cardenas!!!! Representing Scums with Personality, here is why she deserves it (written by coach Andy):

I do not nominate Gale as an MVP candidate, she is the MVP. Gale performed 16.1 Friday night with the rest of the gym. She scaled the weight for OH walking lunges and chest to bar pull-ups because she did not think she could do either. She put her best effort in for herself, family (her boys were filming her), and for our team. Fast forward to Monday night she redid 16.1, but RX’d. She got her first legitimate chest to bar pull-up, and not only did she get 1 rep, she did 2 rounds of them (that’s 8 reps per round folks). After the workout she told me she did it for me..

The real MVP – Gale, a mother, a wife, a teacher, a competitor, my Robin Williams from Dead Poets Society, a hero.

I fully agree with the gyms votes because I saw first hand of Gale’s awesomeness and determination. This is why the Open is here and why we do our Intramural competition, to challenge ourselves and do things we never thought we could do!! Check out Gale’s video on 16.2

Congrats and enjoy your Lululemon Gift card- you deserve it!!!