Important!  Read this and then go vote for your Overall MVP winner now!  Each week, an overall winner will receive a $50 Gift Card from Lululemon Torrance.

The first week has come and gone and HOLY CRAP was that workout a doozy.  From every perspective really.  I’ve participated in every single Open there’s ever been – and I think that was up there for one of the worst workouts.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re all designed to be challenging, but this one was a great one.

And by great one, I mean super sucky.

Congratulations to everyone who just did their first CrossFit Open workout.  That’s a huge accomplishment, and I hope you’re as proud of yourself as we are.

What The Open Is About

If you got a taste of this, you might understand.  The way we run the open it’s all about accepting the challenge.  I saw a lot of first chest to bars over this weekend.  That’s what this is about.

However, we don’t want to lose sight of the fun and the fitness components of this, so if you’re going to bury yourself emotionally spending 18 minutes trying to get one chest to bar, we would always recommend you scale. But we also would recommend trying to accept the challenge of finding your first chest to bar and giving it a few solid attempts.  You might just surprise yourself.

Week One Standings

Week one of our Intramural is in the books.  We’ve seen wild twists and turns from week to week in the past, so don’t think anything is a foregone conclusion.  It all depends what that wicked Dave Castro pulls out of his hat each Thursday!

See the standings below:

Week 1 Standings

Team MVPs

Below are our official nominations for the team MVPs for week one.  Each coach has provided their own reasoning to go along with the nomination.  The Overall MVP is up to you guys!

Vote on who you think should be the OVERALL MVP here.

The Overall MVP each week will win a $50 Lululemon gift card (Lulu employees and coaches are not valid to win)


While she cannot win the MVP and will not be up for voting in the Overall MVP – my team MVP this week goes to Lisa Ball.  She’s one of the Lululemon members who are giving the Open a shot with us.  I’m beyond proud of all the Lulu folk who have stepped out of their comfort zone and tackled this Open – but Lisa absolutely crushed the scaled version of 16.1.

By crushed, I mean 221 reps crushed.  And to put this into perspective, I did the scaled workout on Monday and I got 199 reps.  You have to be moving, nonstop for 20 minutes to get into the 221 range.  Overall, she placed 4th in all women who did scaled.  THAT’S INSANE for someone who’s basically just taken a handful of Open Prep classes with us.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.00.26 PMAs a honorable mention, and for someone you will be able to vote for is Kristen Tanaka.  Like I mentioned above, this Open is about challenging yourself and that’s exactly what Kristen did this week.  Kristen originally did scaled but decided later that she wanted to give Rx a shot, knowing she’s never done a chest to bar.  While she didn’t get a chest to bar in the workout, I saw her practicing and practicing them – determined to find her first.

You will never take a step forward if you don’t take the risk.  Kristen took that risk this week and although she didn’t find her first one, she’s on the journey.

Dream Team

The MVP for Dream Team is Lindsay Patton! She is nominated because it took A LOT of convincing for her to even consider signing up to do the Open! With the help of Jimmy and pretty much peer pressure from all of us, we got her to agree and I’m SOOO happy she did! She’s been working so hard on all movements, especially handstand push ups (so we better see those in the Open this year!) She did the scaled workout and finished with 130 reps! I love her hard work and dedication and only see her improving each week!! Great Job Lindsay!!

My honorable mention goes out to Miss Megan Wiles, who represented for the girls this week with a RX score of 172!! She beat a lot of the boys and I’m soooo proud of her! She’s such a beast because she did this workout TWICE!!! Even though she already had an AMAZING score the first time – she did it again and got 1 more rep! Can’t wait to see what she does


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.15.35 PMThis week, my MVP for 16.1 goes to Ligaya Kapa! She was hesitant to do the RX workout but she ended up doing it anyway and totally killed it with 137 reps! I’m so proud to have Ligaya on my team because she has the best attitude and always has a smile on her face, even after a crappy workout! I know she’s going to be a crucial member of my team the next 4 weeks!

My honorable mention goes out to James Lau, who I judged Friday at noon. He had a strategy of pacing himself from the beginning and his plan worked out where he didn’t burn out at all during the workout and had enough energy the last 5 minutes to push himself at the end when usually everyone is gassed out.


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.00.17 PMI do not nominate Gale as an MVP candidate, she is, the MVP.

Gale performed 16.1 Friday night with the rest of the gym. She scaled the weight for the OH walking lunges and chest to bar pull-ups because she did not think she could do either.

She put her best effort in for herself, family (her boys were filming her), and for our team.

Fast forward to Monday night she redid 16.1, but RX’d.  She got her first legitimate chest to bar pull-up, and not only did she get 1 rep, she did 2 rounds of them (that’s 8 reps per round folks).

After the workout she told me she did it for me… Selfless.

The real MVP – Gale, a mother, a wife, a teacher, a competitor, my Robin Williams from Dead Poets Society, a hero.


Scarlett Ramos is the MVP for the Lites Team in Week 1 of the TCF Intramurals. She has the determination of the top CrossFit athletes, always focusing on form, strength and endurance. Before her first Open workout, Scarlett was nervous, but with the cheering support and power of her family and the Lites crew, she pushed through the brutal workout with a smile on her face. Like the “Energizer Bunny,” her display of perseverance and energy is what athletes are made of. Way to go Scarlett!

Make sure to go vote!!!

We are all so proud of each and every member of our gym participating in the Open!  Friday nights are an amazing experience and this season is what we all look forward to each year! It’s only going to get more fun as we cheer Jamie and Val on to Regionals (and then head there to cheer them on!