Every coach and owner at Torrance CrossFit is in this for one main reason.

We like to help people.

It’s literally that simple.  We like to help people kick medications. We get a kick when people take control of their wellness. We thrive when our clients find happiness thru a bunch of mentally and physically challenging workouts (sounds crazy, but it happens!).  Most of all, we a fueled by people making slow, incremental progress in their lives.

Enter Mike Kaji

Mike in his happy place.

Mike in his happy place.

Anyone who is in the gym in the evenings knows Mike.  He came into our gym as a timid boy who had a lot to learn about himself and life.  Over the course of the few years he’s been with us, I’ve seen him put work into so many aspects of his life – not just fitness.

We’ve shoved him into situations to work on some of his weaknesses – something that’s generally scary for the general population – and he’s faced those situations with increasing confidence.  Mike is someone who’s willing to take accountability (maybe too much accountability) for his weaknesses and think thru how to deal with them (maybe overthink).  Personally, I think that’s commendable, as most people choose to focus their lives on their strengths and ignore their weaknesses.

Mike's other happy place.

Mike’s other happy place.

This is another pretty awesome thing about coming to a gym like ours.  You get to challenge who you are, both inside and out, in a safe, encouraging and nurturing environment.  We all joke around with Mike, but deep down we’re all rooting for him – and his progress in life and the gym makes me a proud owner.

Mike Turns 21!

Today, he’s still that timid guy – but he’s well on his way to learning about things and…. today he’s a no longer a boy. He’s a man-child man.  Mike turned 21 yesterday, and we’re all going to hang out at the box tonight to welcome him to this side of manhood.

This is how innocent Mike was when he first joined.

This is how innocent Mike was when he first joined.

Come down to the gym tonight after the workouts to give Mike a night he won’t remember.  Errrrrr I mean he won’t forget. Or one of those things.

Bring something to eat and/or drink and let’s show Mikey some love!  As a side note, he’s working for us now,  helping us keep the gym ultra clean, so any mess he might make, he will be cleaning up over the weekend 🙂