As I mentioned in my last blog post, we’re going to be doing a bit of work around the gym on Saturday, October 1st.  Leading up to this day, we’ll be doing some prep work, but the heavy lifting will be on the 1st.

As a result, Saturday classes will be cancelled.

Painting in early 2013, before the rig was in place!

Painting in early 2013, before the rig was in place!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get to the gym, get your sweat on, and have some meaningful fun alongside your Training Lab family!  If you have a few hours free, come down and give us a hand!  We will be doing the following to make your gym a better place:

  1. Repainting worn out spots on the blue section of the wall.
  2. Painting over the useless white board in the back.
  3. Replacing the orange stripe with a black stripe.
  4. Painting new Training Lab wall ball targets all around the gym.
  5. Painting our new logo over the Torrance CrossFit logo in the front.
  6. Hanging a new climbing rope
  7. General maintenance and cleaning
  8. Organizing the front office space.
  9. Most importantly, hanging out as a family, having fun and making the gym a better place!

As you can see, lots of painting!

Everyone gets in on the painting fun whenever we do it! Here's Jamie painting our orange stripe!

Everyone gets in on the painting fun whenever we do it! Here’s Jamie painting our orange stripe!

“Many hands make light work”

While it sounds like a lot of work, with a lot of helpers and paintbrushes going, this should not really take too long.  We will begin doing prep work for this all thru the week, so hopefully all we have to do on Saturday is come in and knock out the work!  We will be renting a scissor lift to make the stuff happening over 6 feet in the air much faster.

We will make sure to keep it light and make sure there’s some food around to keep our team well fed (and maybe some post shift beers to unwind to?)

If you come down to help, make sure to wear some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty or painted on!

We’re Excited To Be The Training Lab!

It’s an exciting time, and we’re pumped to be pushing forward as The Training Lab!  The gym should look great after the refresh, a place you’re proud to call home!  Thank you all for being part of the community, and we’re looking forward to a solid fall/holiday season (time to start planning the Halloween workout and the Holiday Party!)  Be a part of the history of the gym you call home and come give us a hand on Saturday!