Like many of you, I’ve been pouring over the news of Charlottesville, VA after last weekend’s protests, counter-protests, and ensuing carnage.

Without rehashing any of the news, I wanted to touch on something I pulled out of it all. Something I found to be profound and poignant.

As I was reading over the weekend, I kept coming back to one common theme with extremism and the people targeted for recruitment:

Lack of Belonging & Community Acceptance

Recruits for extremist thinking are typically made up from disenfranchised individuals from teen age to young adult populations.  Generally speaking, these people are intelligent people who fell to the wayside of their community one way or another and lacked common cultural connections with their peers.  Disenfranchised and angry, they become prime targets for extremist recruitment.

When I originally read this, I felt sudden sadness for these people.  They were oft seduced into a calculated fraternity of people who would immediately provide them a place of belonging and comfort.  This is the allure of extremist groups and the recruiters of the groups play to this hand well.

However, while they were bolstering the ego of the young recruit, they were also reinforcing the hatred and negativity in their minds.

But Then I Realized….

Drew and JoJo having a laugh while resting

CrossFit Can Be That Same Community

And let’s be real, for years we might have been seen as the “extremist” viewpoint on exercise.  In 2017, however, I would argue CrossFit is mainstream and here to stay.

Ask any member of any CrossFit gym.  The fitness is what everyone signs up for, but the community is why everyone stays.

Our gym will be your daily recess.  You will get to meet your friends on the playground for a one hour break from the grind.  Whether its before work, after work, or somewhere in between – you time with us is what you will be looking forward to each day.

In this gym, we all meet daily, and push ourselves to become better people.  We help each other when we can, and we lean on others for help when needed.  Your coaches invest their time in you, and you invest your time in yourself, your fellows, and your gym.

So while it initially struck me with sadness that young, disenfranchised people were being lured into extremist mindsets… I came to realize.  If people are out there recruiting you for things that can only set you back – I’d like to reach out my hand and offer you a place in a community that will propel you forward.  Torrance Training Lab is here to help our community in every way we can.

If we can help you, email or call us today.

In Love and Fitness (and love of fitness!)