I think everyone should participate in at least ONE competition, whether it be a CrossFit comp, 1/2 marathon, Spartan Race, Frogman, etc.. here are the reasons why!

1.) IT GIVES YOU A SPECIFIC GOAL – and the goal doesn’t have to be to win! Sometimes just signing up and showing up is an accomplishment! Commitment is scary! Instead of just working out to workout, you’ll be working towards a goal that will make you better and stronger.

2.) COMPETITION BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN YOU – I guarantee you will do things you don’t think your capable of. The adrenaline and energy of the day will give you an extra boost, not to mention the crowd getting behind you as well.

3.) IT’S FUN! – Once you get over the nerves, which is completely normal & expected – once it’s all said and done, you’ll realize it was actually fun! If you’re scared of doing it by yourself, get some friends involved or sign up for a partner/team comp!…PERFECT PLUG for our competition we’re hosting here.

The T-town throwdown is a same-sex partner competition held Sunday, October 1st. There are 3 workouts with Intermediate and Advanced divisions.

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