Embedded into the fabric of the CrossFit culture is a massive sense of community.  We go thru so much together, it transcends fitness.  To many, the gym becomes a family. We build lifelong relationships while grinding thru workouts. It’s funny like that.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting about two dozen ex-CFSB Torrance members.  It’s easy to forget sometimes that the magic that’s happening at your box is going on in each and every box around the world.  The despair and grief I heard in all of their voices made me quickly realize that.

Starting tomorrow, we expect a whole host of new friends to begin walking thru the doors to share the misery and the glory of Torrance Training Lab with our members.  If you’re an existing TTL member, we hope be a welcoming light to help them make this transition.  Let’s represent the gym well.

To all our new members, there’s so much to go over I figured I’d just write a blog post.  If you’re a CFSB Torrance member joining the Training Lab, read on for important info.

  1. Your Ownership.  In case you didn’t get to meet any of us, TTL is owned by Jamie Haigya, Lexie Hagiya (affectionately known as Jamie’s sister) and myself – Dan Uyemura.  If we didn’t get to meet you make sure to come say hi!
  2. Coaches.  We have a host of coaches whom you will get to meet soon!
    1. Dean coaches the mornings.
    2. Trent is generally in at noon and some evenings.
    3. Jamie mostly coaches in the evenings, but is almost always at the gym.
    4. Robbie covers classes all over the schedule.  Mainly evenings but you’ll find him here at all hours.
    5. Lexie handles most of the teen athletic development classes.
    6. Cheryl leads up our Lites classes
    7. Jennifer covers some evening classes.
    8. Chivas has some fun / nasty weekend workouts for you all to experience.
    9. Me (Dan). If you catch me coaching, there’s a cosmic alignment in action. =)
  3. Social Media.  We have a couple different social media outlets, which you should follow. Below are the key ones we will use to get information out to our community.
    1. Facebook Page: Will have a lot of photos and general information about the gym released here. If you want to find a cool shot of you in action, make sure to like this page.
    2. Private “Members” Facebook group: We release a lot of news and info about the gym and events here.  Members also congregate here and post memes and you know, do that kinda stuff.
    3. Instagram.  Is good for all the things you know IG is good for. Photos, videos and stuff like that!
  4. SugarWOD.  We use SugarWOD here to publish and track workout results. It also has a fun community feature to it where people can fist bump each other for a solid effort or comment on workout results others posted.  It may or may not be rumored that evening people even will check the leaderboard during the day to see what kind of bar is set by the earlier classes.
    1. iOS SugarWOD
    2. Android SugarWOD
    3. Search for Torrance CrossFit to join our gym.
    4. The access code is pinned to our members only fb page.  If you don’t have fb ask an owner!
  5. Checking Into Class. When you arrive to class, take a quick second to check into class using the check-in app at the front desk. This lets us know who’s attending class, what classes look to be getting full, etc.  Mahalo!
  6. Open Gym.  This has been asked by about 100% of the people that have come from CFSB, so we’ll address it here as well.  There’s no posted open gym times, however generally speaking someone (owner or coach) is at the gym from 5:30AM until close.
  7. Dogs / Kids in Class.  We’re a super family oriented gym and we encourage people to feel like family.  Thus dogs and kids are welcome, but at the owner/parent’s responsibility.  Keep those kids and dogs chained up and off the gym floor. Clean up after any messes they make and try to generally be a good neighbor.  Common sense rules apply.
  8. Cleaning Up.  The gyms is everyone’s space and the equipment is everyone’s equipment.  Please take care of the equipment as if you would your own, and clean up after your self after a workout.  There will always be cleaning supplies around and if we’re out let a coach or owner know.
  9. Jump Start.  If you feel like you need to brush up on some technique we have a Jump Start program just for that. It’s an additional cost, ask a staff member for more information.  Also, if any of your friends or family might be interested in the gym, the Jump Start is the place they’ll likely begin.   We appreciate any referrals, but also understand we have to earn them!
  10. Official CFSB Welcome Party. In typical TTL Fashion we’ll be hosting a party of some kind in the coming weeks.  Join our Members Fb Page to get the low down when we announce it.

We’re excited and happy to have the opportunity to be your new CF Family in Torrance!  We’re looking forward to seeing the beauty of the CFSB community and folding that into our own.

In Health,