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Reminder that Rx smart gear is having a jumpropeology clinic at TCF this Sunday from 12-3pm. There are still spots available if you want to sign up : https://rxdoubleunderclinics.webconnex.com/cfthere

There will still be a regular 10:30am class on Sunday too.

Also, I know you all have been bombarded with open news but it starts in 2 days!! 14.1 workout is going to be announced tomorrow at 5pm so if you want to get to the gym early, we’ll be watching the announcement. If you haven’t picked up your team shirt too they are at the gym.

Workout of the day:

A. Mobility Couch stretch 2min side Lat roll 2 min
B. MetCon
Row 500
3 Rounds 10 pull ups 20 HR pushups 30 airsquat
Run 400