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When people ask me why CrossFitters never stop talking about CrossFit, I give them one simple analogy:

If you happened to find the fountain of youth – what would be the first two things you do?  Without exception, your answers will likely be something like this:

  1. Drink up.  Our own survival instincts would drive us to drink up, to the point we knew we had our fill. We would drink until we saw and felt the  effects  of the fountain.
  2. Go and tell your loved ones. Once we had proof that this fountain was indeed the Fountain of Youth, the next thing most people would do is go and tell everyone they loved.  They would plead and implore with them to come with them to this fountain, and show them the way to it.

Only, if you did this, 50% of the people you told would be skeptical or think you were crazy.

Knowing the truth, you would refute this, defend your sanity, and plead for your loved ones to listen.  Whether they do is up to them.

Our Black Friday Special

This leads me to our Black Friday Special.  We’re going to help you take the pain out of the process of letting others know about CrossFit.  And we’re going to give you the ability to buy your friends and loved ones a very nice (and valuable… potentially life changing) gift for a very very reasonable price.

Here’s the details of the deal:

$15 for a elegant one month membership gift card.

  1. This offer will be available for sale on Friday, November 28th ONLY.  It will go live at midnight and end at midnight.  No exceptions.
  2. This card can only be redeemed by someone who”s never been a member at Torrance CrossFit – both current and previous.
  3. Gift card is redeemable for one month Platinum Unlimited Membership (value $240)
  4. Membership must be redeemed by January 31, 2015.
  5. Only one gift card per person (duh).

That’s it!  Give your loved ones a very valuable gift – look like a rock star – and promote a healthy lifestyle!  Thats more wins than a UCLA basketball program (just not this year).  GO BRUINS.

We will email everyone a link soon – which will be valid to sell on Friday the 28th only.  Look out for that!  Don’t waste your money on other junk that people really don’t need and give them the gift of LIFE!

Workout of the Day

General CrossFit

A.  Strength
sumo deadlift
work to heavy set of 3 for day
drop to 60% and perform a set of 810 reps

B. Met Con 

Double Unders
Abmat Situps

C. Core
Tabata planks (any variation planks)

Beginner CrossFit

A. Weightlifting
3 Snatches

If you’re comfortable snatching, do an adequate weight. If you’re newer to the movement, go light and work on understanding the movement

B. MetCon

Barbell Facing Burpee Jump Overs

CrossFit Lite

A. Metcon

200m run / 5 pushups / 10 burpees / 20 situps / 30 air squats
200m run / 10 pushups / 20 burpees / 30 situps / 40 air squats
200m run / 15 pushups / 30 burpees / 40 situps / 50 air squats