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All of us in CrossFit know that the cornerstone is within the community.  That’s why at Torrance CrossFit it’s a foundational piece of our experience.  From the Open Intramural to making sure we travel to people competing to show support, it’s a part of the fabric of what we do.

I was just talking to another box owner today (Kiwi, for those of you who know him) and I was telling him about our community.  One thing I’m personally super proud of is that it’s evolved naturally and organically.  Before we as owners used to take strides to make sure people got together and hung out.  Recently I’ve been noticing that it’s just been happening. Sometimes without us even knowing.

For instance, in one week timespan, here’s what I’ve personally seen happen between gym members that  had nothign to do with any planning any of us put in:

  1. A hiking trip / bar hopping trip that Nindy, Nina, Chris L, Dave, Brian took last Sunday.  I was having Brunch at a restaurant across the way from where they were at, and I saw them check in on Facebook.  We stopped by and hung out with them for a good while there.
  2. Last night Nina, Merry, Nindy, Eric, Brian and Felix all went to dinner at Yellow Fever after the gym.
  3. Today Felix, Eric and Dave met for lunch at Aloha.
  4. Tomorrow night all of the gals will be hanging out at some location that us boys aren’t allowed to know (Abigale/Ocean Bar).

This makes me SO happy as a gym owner.  We establish bonds beyond “that dude I workout with” here at the gym – and seeing you guys go out there and hang out together in an organic fashion is living proof of this.

One thing I have noticed about TCF that’s not always the same at every box is we’re pretty clique free.  I think we have a super mature membership base (that don’t mean OLD…) who genuinely values each and every person at the box.  Like people tend to attract like people – and those seeking drama and smack talking will eventually gravitate away from us.. cause we simply aren’t that kind of a place.  I’m not saying any of that is right or wrong, I’m just saying it’s not TCF.

If you are reading this going “why don’t I get invited to these things” – don’t take any form of offense.  Maybe toss an invite out one day and see who ends up showing up!

Lots (I mean LOTS) of fun coming up in the next few months!  We’re planning a little in-house competition now, Regionals is coming up, the Games… maybe some beach WOD’s… and don’t forget we have to do another installment of Sports Sunday soon.  Here’s to making 2014 a killer summer!

Workout of the Day

General CrossFit

A.  Strength
Strict Press
1-1-1-1-1 @ 90%

B. MetCon

ROW 3000M
40 Knee to Elbow
60 OH walking lunge 45/25
80 Wall Ball 20/14
100 Ab Mat Sit Ups
200 Double Unders

*1 person working at a time
**may split row distance up any way
**20 min cap

CrossFit Lite

A. Capacity
Row 300 x 4
rest is 1:1.

Score is total time elapsed


B. MetCon
5 rounds
50m crab walk
10 burpee broad jump
20 Russian twists