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Strength Lies Within Our Community

Community Calendar

We try to keep an active and regular community event calendar.  Click here to see what’s going on in the near future!

Friends At The Gym?

In most gyms, the objective is to avoid contact or conversation with other members, so we understand this might seem like a strange concept.

At Torrance CrossFit, our members genuinely become friends.  We don’t just spend time together at the gym, we become a network of support for each other in ever aspect of life.

An Extended Family

At Torrance CrossFit we’ve created much more than a gym.  We’ve created a community.

Think of it like your extended family.  You will meet new friends here.  Ones who will be there with you for workouts, and ones that will be with you thru life.

As an outsider looking in, it’s a strange concept, but within a few weeks you will understand it.

Life Outside The Gym

A life spent solely in a gym would be unfulfilling.  We understand this and encourage our members to spend time outside of the gym.  The idea is to actually use your increasing fitness to do other fun things!  It’s part of ourBlueprint For a Great Life.

We frequently and regularly will organize events outside of the gym, ranging from sports days to baby showers and everything in between.  Often times our members will also organize things on their own, which makes sense after all since they are all friends.

Ready To Join In The Fun?

Are you ready to find out more?  We understand every situation is unique and every one has different goals, so we like to discuss this each potential client individually and privately.  Follow this link to get more information from one of our professional coaches today!

Find Out How!

Social Events and Parties

Social events and parties are also a foundation of or community.  We hold an annual Winter Holiday Party as well as have several reasons to celebrate during the year.

We’re known for our potlucks at the gym and we’ve hosted several member birthday parties, baby showers, and other celebrations of life.

Competitions and Events

Competitions and Fitness related events also permeate our Calendar.  In house friendly competitions, our annual CrossFit Open Intramural, GRID Style events, and more.

All competitions are in the sake of pushing each other to be better and have fun in the spirit of competition.  We believe in inclusivity over exclusivity – and all of our participating members have a great deal of fun!

Those members who seek additional competitions can enter local and regional level competitions – which we always try to support by showing up to cheer!