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One of the biggest benefits to joining a CrossFit box is joining a community of like minded people that you get to meet.  It might seem weird to non-CrossFitters, who are likely used to going to their gym, popping their ear phones in and zoning out the rest of the population.  Generally it’s annoying when people come up to you to talk (ESPECIALLY if they’re trying to give you pointers on what to do, or how to do it).

CrossFit is the exact opposite.  We stand next to our classmates as peers, as equals, as teachers, as pupils.  We work with each other to become better, fitter and stronger.  We take our headphones OUT when we get to the gym.

And – most importantly – CrossFitters become friends. Hang out with each other outside of just the gym.  Get to know each other on a level more than “Hey bro, let me show you how to squat right”.  This isn’t to say friendships don’t form in other fitness facilities, but they almost always do at a CrossFit box.

Tonight we went with a small group of Lab Rats down to the Hermosa Beach Summer Concert. Afterwards, we ate dinner together.  Our meeting had zero to do with fitness and everything to do with enjoying the friendships we’re working on establishing at the box.

We’re going to work on planning outings and events frequently.  They might be as  simple as a dinner after we close the gym one night, and might be as extravagant as box ski/snowboard/lake trips.    Look for community related announcements posted on the member board when you walk in. Next time, we’ll give you all a little more lead time to plan! =)

We hope to see you out next time!

Workout of the Day

August 19th, 2013

Run 5k

Find your fastest 5k run time.  5k is 3.1 miles or three full laps around the Telo loop starting in at the corner of Telo and Kashiwa and finishing at Fujita.  Start outside of Fit Lab, running towards Fujita.  Run three full laps back to the corner of Telo and Kashiwa. On the last lap, run past Fit Lab and to the corner of Fujita to complete the 5k.