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The discussions are just preliminary, but expect to see some expanding in our schedule soon!  With all of your help, we’re starting to establish the roots of our community here in Torrance, and we’re excited to be able to give back to you in as many ways as possible.

We’ve got a number of exciting things in the works, which we will announce as they get a little closer to being ready to launch.  Included in these things are:

  • New classes (hours) – We’re looking to open up some additional class times in the near future.
  • New classes (types) – We’re also going to be looking to offer some new/specialized classes in the near future.
  • Events – As you’ve seen, we’ve already begun planning events.  Look for event announcements here as well as on the whiteboard.  Sign up if you can make them – hanging out with your boxmates makes for fun times!
  • Equipment –  We’re always looking for more fun things to do at the box.  We are thinking of additional ways to make our space fun, unique and something you’ll get your money’s worth!  We just put up a Tissu rope (thank you to Leigh Ann Tomooka for donating the use of the rope)
  • MORE!  There’s more to come.  We’re always open to new ideas on how to make Fit Lab a better gym!  Please feel free to talk to any of us with your suggestions!

Workout of the Day

10 Bar muscle ups
20 KBs 1.5/1pd
30 T2B
40 Wall ball #20/15
50 Superman’s
60 lunges
70 air squat
80 Double Unders