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Cheryl is our Masters Athlete who made it to the online qualifiers after the Open. She had only been doing CrossFit for a couple months. She will be 60 this year and is absolutely AMAZING!

The 2014 CrossFit Games are here!!  Already in full effect with the Masters Athletes competing today.  They range from 40-60+ years of age and I’m telling you, these men and women are NO JOKE!!! I watched the live stream and saw David Walters (60+) successfully clear the Deadlift ladder hitting 455 lbs!!  He’s over 60 years old and did it with ease, that’s insane!!!  Also Mary Schwing and Karen Pocius, both Masters Women 60+, dropped in yesterday and competed today.  After the first day of competition and four events, they’re sitting in 5th and 6th place respectively.  If you get a chance you have to tune into the live stream and check these men and women out.  It’s completely inspiring and extremely fun to watch!

Being so close to where all the action is taking place at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, we’ve been fortunate to have so many amazing Games athletes drop in and workout. Sam Briggs, Margaux Alvarez, and Emily Abbott were here yesterday among the many incredible Teams and Masters Athletes.  And if you haven’t noticed the friendly faced, upbeat Australian who’s been hanging out at our gym for over three weeks now, you’ve missed out on meeting an amazing athlete and person in Denae Brown. She has been an absolute joy to have at our box! The best example of hard work, dedication, strength, perseverance, and fearlessness. Denae finished 1st at the Australia Regionals and is heading to the CrossFit Games for the 1st time (she qualified last year but had to sit out after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl).  It was so amazing to watch an athlete of her caliber on a daily basis.  She would come in twice a day, spending endless hours working out all by herself.  And besides her work ethic, what stood out just as much was her shining personality!  She’s extremely humble, bubbly, and full of love, joy and life!  Willing to talk and help out any and all of our members she came across. She even helped judge at our first in-house competition we put on during one of the weekends.  Eric Masukawa and Marcos Soltero were on the other end of the judging and said they went way faster and got way more reps all thanks to D. How cool is that?!


Denae judging Eric through some tough Russian kettlebell twist

Being a former athlete and current CrossFit and basketball coach this may seem like a small thing, but I find a huge appreciation for this. No matter how great of an athlete you are, being a good person takes you a long way in life. Much further in my opinion.  Which is what makes all these athletes even more appealing. Not only are they (Denae, Margaux, Sam) some of the Fittest Woman on the Planet, they are also some of the nicest, caring, genuine people on the Planet. And to me, that matters way more than what place they finish at the Games or any competition.  So on that note… GOOD LUCK TO D, MARGAUX, AND ALL THE OTHER AMAZING ATHLETES COMPETING THIS WEEKEND!!! All of us here at Torrance CrossFit are rooting for you and thank you for being such an inspiration!

The CrossFit Games are kicking off their first event for Individuals and Teams TOMORROW at the Hermosa Beach Pier.  9:00-9:50 – The Beach (Individual Men). 10:00-10:50 – The Beach (Individual Women).11:00am-12:30pm – The Beach (Team).  They’ll be at Stub Hub later that night from 6:30-8:30pm to find their one rep max overhead squat.  And meanwhile the Masters will be competing all day long at Stub Hub starting at 9am.  It’s right in our backyard, so you can catch some rays and watch the Fittest on Earth battle it out!



Back squat
3-3-3-3 @72%

A2. 2 set max pull strict pull ups

B. Met con

5 rounds

6 chest to bar pull ups

12 wall balls 20/14

18 knee to elbow planks
(Opposite Elbow and knee must touch for 1 rep)

**15 min Time cap


A. Tabata plank hold
B. Metcon
10 Plate jumping burpees
10 SBs
Rest 2 min
10 Box jumps
10 KBs
Rest 2 min
10 WBs
20 DUs (60 SUs)
C. Abs / Mobility


A Strength
Deadlift 5×5
Max Strict Pull Ups x 3

B. MetCon


10 Jumping Pull Ups
12 Kettle Bell Swings
200m run with Kettle Bell