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Our specialty is in not specializing
CrossFit, Inc.

We’ve discussed the term “GPP” or “General Preparedness Program” before.  That’s what CrossFit is, a way to prepare you to be ready for anything and everything that might come across your life’s path.  I know many of us get into certain aspects of CrossFit, and it makes it hard to see past whatever it is that you are getting into.



Be it gymnastics movements, the weightlifting, the pump of a metcon or the thrill of putting a new PR weight overhead – once you start to get tunneled into what it is you love, you’re going to lose the “General” in the “General Preparedness Program”.

For this reason, we think it’s important to establish benchmarks – and retest those benchmarks – not only for things like “Fran” or your 1RM Deadlift, but also for things less sexy like running a 5k or sprinting 800m.  That’s why from time to time we’ll program something like we did yesterday.

Whenever you see benchmark workouts come across the programming, treat these seriously. These are your clear and easy definition to how your fitness levels are progressing.  It’s easy to say “I feel better”, but what does that mean exactly?

That’s qualitative proof, but we’re seeing data/numbers – something quantitative. Knowing you took your 5k run from 29:00 to 25:00 in a certain time frame – that means something.

Workout of the Day

August 19th, 2013

Handstand/ HSPU Practice

Deficit HSPU (45#/25#)
Deadlift 275#/155