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We’re all in the box daily for different reasons. Some of us are there to unwind after a long day at the office. Some of us are training for something.  Some of us just enjoy going thru some hard work with some good friends.  Whatever your reason I implore you two things:

1. Get What You’re Coming For!

No matter what it is you’re coming for, likely there’s other people coming in for the same reason.  And if not, if you stick around and talk about things with your box mates, you might find someone who might just give something new a shot.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the box is such an amazing place.  Every one there is working hard at something, and everyone there is interested in learning as much as they can.  We’re all sponges, and we’re all supporting each other in our respective journeys.  Do you have an itch to do some yoga after class?  Do it, I bet someone will join you.  Want to work on your Jerk?  Setup some weights and you might be surprised to find a crowd forming around you.  Looking to increate your cardio capacity a bit?  Run a few of the infamous Telo Track Mile’s… like Forrest Gump, you will probably end up with some fellow runners.

I bring this point up tonight cause I realized tonight – we have an amazing membership base.  You all are sticking around and working on things… and that is infectious.  Even I did some yoga last night.

And every night – while I’m watching (or participating) in someone doing some extra work, I notice… other people are playing along.  Everyone’s having FUN, and getting better at things.  That’s what this is all about…

2. Then Get More.

Going back to #1 – you might be sitting around the box after a workout, and you see some impromptu something-or-other session break out.  Don’t be shy!  Get involved!  Not only will you get to know your box mates better, but you’ll be getting better at something – and likely having fun.  If you’re not interested in doing what they’re doing – maybe support them… or take photos/video for them to analyze what they’re doing… or just watch and try to learn from whatever movement patterns you see in front of you.

Regardless, get involved!  Have fun and we will be there with you tomorrow in your quest to get another day better than yesterday!

Workout of the Day

November 20th 2013

A. Fun
Tabata Russian twists with med ball or slam ball 20/15
8 rounds, 20 seconds of work / 10 seconds of rest

B. More Fun
5 rounds for time
3 wall walks
5 deadlift 285/155
1 rope climb

5 rounds for time
5 wall walks
5 deadlift at 225/115
1 rope climb

5 rounds for time
10 Box HSPU
5 Deadlift 185/95
10 Ring Rows

Try to pick a weight on the deadlifts that will be challenging to you.  If you pick the intermediate track, that weight may be lighter to favor form, but you will be doing an increased number of wall walks to make up for that weight deficit.  If you choose the Advanced track, but cannot deadlift that weight, scale to a weight that’s difficult, but allows you to maintain safe form.