Our Blueprint For A Great Life

A 5 Step Recipe For A Great Life

1. Participate In Our Fitness System

Our Fitness System takes the guesswork out of fitness and provides a structure and accountability that leads to success.

Following this system is the foundation to the Blueprint for a Better Life.  Come to the gym 3 – 4 times per week and participate in it, and in a short time you will find yourself to be in the best shape of your life.

2. Eat Clean and Sleep Well

Providing your body with the right fuel and proper rest is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We recommend a Paleo-style diet, high in good fats and animal based protein and cutting back on as much processed foods, grains, dairy and sweeteners as possible.

With 100% success rate, if you follow a Paleo diet and participate in our Fitness System, you will have amazing results in how you look and feel.

3. Get Out and Play

One trap many gym goers fall into is they live in the gym – the gym becomes their sport.

What good is all this fitness and well being if you do not express it in some way outside of the gym?

We profess that at least once a week you get out and play a sport or participate in a physical activity (surfing anyone?) to utilize some of your fitness in a fun way.

4. Experience The Great Outdoors!

Similar to playing a sport, we encourage our members to get out into the great outdoors at least once a month.

Go for a long hike.  Take backpacking trips.  See the coastline from a paddleboard.  Kayak around a glacier.

See the world in all its beauty!

5. Go On Adventures!

Once a year, get out into the world to see something new.  Some people call this vacation, but we prefer to see it as an adventure.

Get off the beaten path and see things around the globe.

Ready To Join In The Fun?

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