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Now before you write off the day with ALL eating and ZERO working out, first things first… WE ARE OPEN!   So if you plan on coming in, here’s a reminder we’ll only be having ONE class on both Thursday and Friday this week at 10:30am.  So don’t be showing up at night time wondering where we’re all at… we’ll be full from turkey and a lot of it.

One more time.  Thursday 10:30am.  Friday 10:30am. Saturday and Sunday regular classes 9:30am Lites and 10:30am regular.

Ok next thing on the agenda.  This will be our last post for the week until Sunday night (probably midnight cause Dan is writing it.  And he’ll be coming back from out of town so… it might be 2am lol!)  Nevertheless, it’s going to be a post with some pretty important content so you’ll want to make sure to read it.  Ohhh we just lovvvve leaving you guys on the edge of your seats 🙂

Anyway, on to Thanksgiving.  Piggy backing on Dan’s post from the other night and how this is the time of year we all sit back and reflect on the many things in life we’re thankful for,  it’s my turn tonight.  I would just like to share a couple of my thoughts because this year has especially been one to remember.  One year ago, I was pretty much a lost little soul trying to find  my place in this world.  I was training kids for basketball, was a year into CrossFit and just started to take my training a little more serious, started coaching CrossFit but just one class a day, and was still unsure of what my purpose and plan was as far as my career.  Well, one year later… signing a lease and embarking on this crazy journey with Dan and Lexie has been one of the GREATEST & MOST REWARDING years of my life.  I’m so thankful and happy for this opportunity which has led me to meet all of you and all of the wonderful people in our CrossFit community.  I now know my purpose in life is to help others through physical activity and fun! We have something very special going on here at the “Lab”… I mean “TORRANCE CROSSFIT” (see last nights post if you don’t know what I’m talking about) But from the bottom of my heart I’m thankful and look forward to many more great memories with all of you and any future people that may come through our doors.  We welcome you with open arms 🙂

I truly wake up everyday happy and excited to come to the gym and be with all of you (yes even at 5:30am).  But this is what I live for and am so thankful I get to call my “work”.  So on this Thanksgiving I ask all of you to sit back and reflect on… “What are you most thankful for?”  Your job, your family, your husband/wife/kids, your friends, your health, your freedom.  Maybe it’s a brand new car or house you just bought.  Whatever it may be, I hope you appreciate and enjoy it and most of all… are Thankful.  Have a wonderful Turkey day everyone!