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Whether you want to get a summer bod, compete is competitions, or improve your Open score – weightlifting will help!

In CrossFit, barbell movements are one of the key components of the sport. Becoming as technically proficient as you can in each of the key barbell movements is important for a number of reasons:

  • It will help you perform better in workouts, yielding better results for your time.
  • It will help you master muscle patterning that will help you in unknown aspects of your life that rely on fast twitch explosive muscle use.
  • And of course, the obvious, it will help you becomes faster, stronger, and more explosive in general (never a bad thing, and scientifically linked to a longer life)

Weightlifting is one of those endeavors that can be “learned” in a month, but would take a literal lifetime to master.  Thus, similar to gymnastics, it is the type of skill that would require additional attention over time to become more and more masterful of it.  We have decided to offer a series of courses for those seeking this type of progression to mastery of weightlifting.

Focus and Get Better at Weightlifting

Form. Repetition. Intensity. In that order. Adaptation is related to intensity, and you cannot have intensity without the form and repetition.

We’re happy to announce a new small-group intensive weightlifting course format we’re launching along with Sam Chang. For those of you who don’t know Sam, he’s got miles of experience in this realm, as both a long time student of the game and a coach under the wing of Sean Waxman.

Each course with have a limit in the number of participants, a set duration, and an intended focus of the session.  It is designed this way to keep coach to client attention at a maximum.  Each course will include in class instruction, workouts and accessory work, and homework. You will receive movement instruction and personalized corrections and perform lifts under the eye of Sam – with corrections and feedback.

This weightlifting technique class is for both the novice and fanatic, new and veteran, CrossFitter. The complexity of the weightlifting movements will be broken down into easily digestible segments for easy understanding. Taught with exercises utilized by elite weightlifters in improve their craft, this class will help to improve not only your WOD times and scores, but for upcoming competitions and even the CrossFit Open.

Want To Improve Your Weightlifting?

Ready to learn weightlifting in a focused, dedicated manner under the eye of a professionally trained weightlifting coach?   This course is limited to 10 spots, so punch your ticket now.

November Course

Course Dates: November 6th – December 9th (week of Thanksgiving is off).
Focus: Speed / Timing of Barbell Lifts
Lifts Covered: All
Meets: Mondays & Wednesdays at 7pm, Saturdays at 2pm.
Cost: $247
Class Cap: First 10 Students

Link to Register: https://fitlab.pushpress.com/open/subscribe/hhzg

About Sam Chang

Sam holds a degree in kinesiology with a focus in exercise science. He has worked as an assistant strength coach at Cal. State Northridge and other local elite prep schools. He utilizes his schooling as a weightlifting coach who has worked with CrossFit Regional and Games athletes.

Under the tutelage of renowned weightlifting coaches Sean Waxman and Hall of Fame coach Bob Takano, Sam has helped to develop national-level weightlifters and student-athletes. Sam specializes and enjoys coaching both student-athletes and masters athletes.

If you missed Buzzfeed’s spotlight on Sam and his sister, catch it here!

Jamie Qualifies For The American Open!

While we’re on the topic of weightlifting – we’d like to congratulate Jamie for qualifying for the American Open this past weekend.  Jamie went 5 for 6 on her lifts and qualified to represent Torrance and the Training Lab at the upcoming American Open!  Here’s a video of her 198lb Snatch she nailed.