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With all the “New Year’s Resolutions” that have taken  place in the last few weeks, I wanted to touch on a few of them that were made by us. Torrance CrossFit.  Technically they weren’t resolutions – but rather things we’ve been working on and have set out to accomplish that are coming to light now.

Hybrid Membership Rollout

We’re now fully transitioned over to the new Hybrid Membership system, and by all accounts it is looking like a winner.  The first batches of members who have gone thru our Fundamentals and into Hybrid memberships are looking stronger than ever.  The concept of putting members into group who are more likely to succeed given the private attention of Fundamentals is working.  Our Full Time coaches, Kazusa and Andy are killing it on the training and all in all the system is looking great.

New Website

You likely already know this, cause you’re on it right now.  This is something I’ve been promising the partners I would get done for a while, and hot-damn, it’s finally done.  This new site will more effectively explain to new members what we’re doing here at Torrance CrossFit.  It also has slimmed down the content, so people won’t get lost in a sea of information.

Also with the new upgrade, we were able to install some plugins that allow for the posting of our workouts, schedule, and other nice things like that.  Those will be linked to the menu shortly.

New Programming

Coach Andy has taken over programming responsibilities and for those of you in our General CrossFit classes, you might be feeling that now.  The programming has been excellent and very precise in it’s nature.  This month we’re doing CrossFit Open Prep work, so many of the workouts will be things that will emulate things we  will  see during the Open.  If you have any questions or comments on the programming, I know Andy is very interested to hear your feedback.

Coach Kazusa has joined us and has been working with Coach Cheryl in programming for Lites.  These two, teamed up, will be putting some amazing stuff in front of the Lites crowd.

New Members!

We have had an influx of new members recently – and we hope (and expect) that if you see a new face at the box you are open, welcoming, and cordial with them.  It’s always a bit weird entering a community, and we want every new member to feel that they are part of our AMAZING community as fast as possible.

The Open Is Coming

Have you registered to participate in the ultra-friendly yet super fun TCF Open Intramural?  By far, this is the most fun, community filled series of events we will be hosting at TCF this year, and we implore EVERYONE to register.  The cost is $25 (Registration with the formal CrossFit.com Open is optional) and it will cover the entire 5 weeks of events, our always amazing annual Intramural T-Shirt, and even a bomb taco-stand (he’s a legit restaurant, not a cart) on the last Friday of the events.

We will post more about this soon, but register now!