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Due to the Vaughn Weightlifting Launch Party we’re hosting on Friday night – we’re going to cancel the 6:30pm class.  It’s just going to be too tight to try to work it in with the class in place.  We hope you understand – and we also hope you come out for the party!  It’s shaping up to be a pretty cool party – and you’ll get to check out the Chad Vaughn Weightlifting line of products before they really hit the market!

Chad is a 2 time olympian – and he’ll be in the house to demo the products as well as maybe give some pointers and tips to those who are seeking them!  David Durante is supposed to be coming as well – another olympian (gymnastics) and is on the CrossFit Gymnastics certification team.  So you might be able to get some pointers and progressions on any dreaded gymnastics skills as well (and I’ve seen many of you working on things lately!)

A pretty special occasion and right in our own house!  We hope to see you all there!

A small number of tickets are still available… get yours now if you haven’t!


I cannot stress this enough. If you’ve never been to the Games, GO.  Just go down there and get a one day pass and check it out.  It’ll be at the Stub Hub Center all weekend and it’s seriously the baddest experience ever.  You’ll leave pumped to come train on Monday – and ultimately will only make you a better and fitter person/athlete.  All the information you need is at http://games.crossfit.com.

If you cannot make it there, you can watch the events live on ESPN and ESPN2 all weekend as well.  Check here for a schedule.

Workout of the Day


A. Mobility
-Thoracic roll w lax ball 1.5 min each side
-lat roll with foam roller 2 min each side
-calf roll with foam roller or barbell 1.5 min each side

Partner WOD:
For Time: Partner 400 m run W 25#/15# plate
* Both partners run at the same time.  Each carries a plate.  Score run separate
** All teams will start AMRAP’s together after run

1 MIN (after last partner run is finished) transition to:

10 KB swings 1.5/1 pd
3 bar muscle ups
**sub for 1 M/U is  1 pull-up(may use box or band)+1 pushup or sub for 3 MU is 6 ring rows depending on ability
*1 partner working at a time and must complete a full round before switching

1 MIN transition to….

200M ROW

**in event large amount of athletes after 400m run athletes may start on different AMRAP and switch. 

Beginner CrossFit

A. Strength
50m Sled Push (work up in weight to find a challenging weight)
3 x Max Effort

B. MetCon
Unloaded Bar Front Squat
Push Ups
Backwards Lunge Steps
Unloaded Bar Press

CrossFit Lite

A. MetCon
Death By Slamball 10
2 pushups / 1 SB
At the top of every minute, do 2 pushups and increase the SB by 1  e.g., At the top of minute 5, do two pushups and 5 SBs

B. MetCon
10 pullups
10 burpees
30 DUs/ 90 SUs

C. Abs/ Mobility