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Click to view our schedule online...

Click to view our schedule online…

Read to the bottom for the first chance to register for the Vaughn Weightlifting Party!

This week is the CrossFit Games – and as one of the biggest spots in the South Bay, we feel it’s our duty to the community to open our doors to all!  This week we’ll be having special open gym ours in the middle of the day for visitors to come down and do whatever they’d like to do.  The cost: Nothing/Free/Zip.

Like we said, it’s our honor to host the visitors of the world to Los Angeles, and show them what So Cal hospitality is all about!

If you’re from out of town and would like to drop in, we just ask you follow three simple steps:

1). Like us on Facebook.  We simply release too much information about things via Facebook, so please like us there and get all the updates as needed. And we can also tag you in photos we take!

2). Get your free Drop In membership.  That way we know who to expect. Plus you can sign the waiver and handle forms before coming down – and that’ll save everyone some time and energy.  You can pre-register here.

3). Check In When You Arrive.  This let’s our coaches on site know there’s people here who have registered and are waivered.  The check in kiosk is located on the front desk area. (an ipad mini).

That’s It!  Check our schdule for times you can drop by.  If you’d like to do your own programming, you can come mid day to the open gym.  If that doesn’t work for you, you can come during a class, just try to be respectful of the class going on – and know if anything you’re doing conflicts with the class we have to pre-empt you for the class.  If you’d like to jump into one of our classes, we’d be more than happy to have you as well!

Oh Yeah.. and If You Like Us…

Review us on Yelp, Google Plus, Facebook or anywhere else you feel comfortable leaving reviews!  Even if you’re from out of town, we love and appreciate your review of our gym.  Usually hearing feedback from CrossFitters from other areas is super helpful – because we can listen, compare, and contrast how different things are done in different regions.

TCF Members!

Remember, we’re playing host to some of our fellow CrossFitters who have travelled from far corners of the globe to join us at the box.  If you see any new faces, make sure they are well attended to! We appreciate your help in advance!

The official party invite!  Click here to register NOW - only 100 spaces available.

The official party invite! Click here to register NOW – only 100 spaces available.

Vaughn Weightlifting Release Party!

Being connected with TCF has it’s advantages… This Friday we’re working with FringeSport and Chad Vaughn to help them throw their official Vaughn Weightlifting Release Party!  The details of this party will be released tomorrow (Monday), but since we’re part of it, we’re going to let our members and friends in a little early.

The party is shaping up to be pretty sick, with a few olympians already scheduled to be in the house to demonstrate olympic weightlifting and gymnastics to those in attendance.  There will be free food and drinks and more!

Workout of the Day


A. Strength
Work up to heavy but manageable weight and perform all sets at same load. 

B. MetCon
5 rounds
50 double unders
6 power cleans @65% max clean and jerk
12 toes 2 bar

 13 min cap

Beginner CrossFit

A.  Strength (30m)
High Bar Back Squat 5×5
Front Squat 3×5

Safety and range of movement FIRST.  Once you have those capabilities, we will be seeking to increase weight to find sets that challenge you for 5. Scale to box squats if your range or mobility lack.

B. MetCon
Burpee Repeatability Test
Max Effort (aka 100% Effort): 0:40 Burpees / 0:20 Rest x 4 rounds
Score is number of burpees each round.

CrossFit Lite

A. Skill
DU practice – 15 minute

B. MetCon
Double Unders (150-120-90-60-30 Single unders)

C. Abs / Mobility