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This could be you cooking with Paleo Nick in a sweet hat!

This could be you cooking with Paleo Nick in a sweet hat!

You’ve had his delicious meals at the gym, now you have the opportunity to meet the man himself and attend his seminars and cooking demo. It’s Paleo Nick! He will be leading a 2 part seminar that you won’t want to miss out on. It will include the paleo diet, zone diet and a little poetry as well (Yes, he’s a man of many talents!) Another added bonus is that he will be leading a 9am workout before the seminar so you will build up an appetite for the cooking later. Nick has a passion for cooking but also loves educating others the importance of nutrition and how to cook! We hope you can attend, it will be tons of fun. For more info on Paleo Nick, visit his website.


 When? Saturday, January 10th 9am-12pm & February 7th 9am-12pm

Where? Torrance CrossFit

How to Sign up: Jan 10th – https://fitlab.pushpress.com/open/event/paleo-nick-nutrition-seminar-10am-12p-5

February 7th – https://fitlab.pushpress.com/open/event/paleo-nick-nutrition-seminar-10am-12p-6


Workout of the Day 11/25

Snatch pull+snatch hi pull+power snatch


*work up to heavy but manageable weight for work sets


4 rounds

10 burpee chest to bar pull ups

10 kb swings 2/1.5

10 cal row (max effort)

rest  1min between rounds

**time cap 17 min

CrossFit Lite:

A. Death by slam ball burpee

B.  Tabata This
20 sec work/10 sec rest for 8 rds each
Cycle 1-push-ups
Cycle 2-row
Cycle 3-WBs
Cycle 4-DUs
Beginner CrossFit:
A. 20m Snatch work From Blocks
10 Hang Snatches
20 Double Unders (or attempts)