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So I’ve been mentally preparing for our upcoming paleo challenge & pretty much stressing out about it. While doing some research about the paleo diet, I realized I was approaching the whole thing wrong. I was mostly thinking of how much junk food I was planning on eating before Monday and how I only have to get through six weeks of paleo before returning to my normal eating habits (which are not very healthy by the way). So by doing a lot of reading (mostly on nerd fitness.com) I’ve taken a new approach! Instead of focusing on what I CAN’T have, I’m going to focus on the bigger picture of my health. This challenge is meant to be steps to making small, permanent changes. I think that is what is going to make this a lifestyle change instead of a six week challenge. We need to form better habits. Reading this article made it click for me. Our lives are made up of habits we’ve either formed over the years or what society tells us what’s normal. Point is, we are creatures of habit and it’s super hard to break them. But it is possible! It just takes a lot of work and you have to really dig deep and figure out why we do the things we do. Whoa, getting deep here..basically coming back to food. We form (or at least I do) poor eating habits, when we’re happy, sad, mad, etc we reward ourselves with food! And usually not very healthy food, but we can break this habit by not giving up the reward, but redefining it. Maybe it’s with a new pair of shoes, or a walk on the beach or funny YouTube videos.

Ok, enough of the serious stuff..I hope all of you guys get as much out of this challenge as I hope to! That being said, part of the challenge will be a baseline workout that we will retest after so you will only be retested on the baseline portion. Please no sandbagging tomorrow! Even if you’re not
doing the challenge, baseline is a great wod to test and retest to gage your improvements. If you can’t make tomorrow, you can make up Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. It’s not too late to sign up too, register here

Workout of the day:
4 rounds for time
10 push-ups
20 air squats
400 m run

Rest 5 min

Optional 2nd workout
4 rounds for time
8 dead lift (155/115)
10 burpee bar jump overs
2 bear crawl (rig to platform and back, twice)