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As we continue onward and upward in the wake of the CrossFit Open, I can say that it was a pleasure to watch week after week the TCF athletes battle it out week after week. I look forward to your continued PR’s (as I’m sure you all are), and improvement each week(s) and month(s) across all domains and in the pursuit of your goat(s).

The focus over the next couple months will be to continue our exposure to multi rep maxes in pulling, pushing and pressing (squat, deadlift, press and their variations) in and effort to work the skill of being strong and getting stronger. The importance of the consistent weekly stimulus cannot be overstated as it allows the athlete to strengthen motor patterns under relatively challenging weight and increase muscle fiber recruitment (ex. increased stability in bottom of squat) and coordination (ex.consistent/repeatable lines of action from start to finish in lifts) .
Getting stronger is a skill as much as any other and needs to be visited frequently.

Along with visiting our multi rep maxes, back off sets have been and will continue to be present in strength work (ex. 2×3@90%) this is to take advantage of a few things. first, having just completed a multi rep max the percentage prescribed for back off sets that day gives us the most accurate data point to work from. meaning the intended stimulus applied will reflect your current abilities. taking into account lifestyle factors, energy level and ever changing strength levels as novice athlete.

Back off sets will also be assisting in adding much needed volume to the structures involved to the various major lifts, increasing the connection between mind and muscle and allowing the athlete to work at a percentage of their capacity that will increase absolute strength levels.

furthermore following the strength or oly portion, there will be time dedicated to accessory work which will focus on areas that have a high transference to stability (both anteriorly and posteriorly and in different variations) to the major lifts (squat, press, deadlift, clean and jerk and snatch). Most commonly (but not limited to): shoulders, hips, low back, hamstrings, upper back,quads,trunk. This will include gymnastic skills as well.

The days that do not include focus on the squat, deadlift, press, a focus on olympic lifting skill will be addressed. The primary focus being isolating specific parts of the snatch and clean and jerk and increasing understanding at various points in the lift and ultimatly tying together the lifts as a whole which will create transference to increased efficiency of movement in the high intensity or conditioning portions of the days training.

Remember efficiency of movement (aka. not just strong arming the weight up) will help aid in shorter recovery times (less soreness), heavier loads lifted, and faster wod times to name a few. So it behooves you to take it seriously and ask the coach questions. Not just go through motions so you can get to the “good stuff” (the wod). Slow is smooth, smooth is fast and fast is sexy.

The last piece of the puzzle here will be the high intensity training portion (aka “the wod”). This is NOT the portion where you get to throw caution to the wind and “black out”.
We frequently prescribe percentages that correspond with the current multi rep maxes, you the athlete completed that correspond to rep count for that given movement and rep amount. This is for your safety and to ensure you can maintain the intent of the WOD portion. Not because we are trying to cramp your style.

As strength and mobility improve, so does the amount your able to lift safely in a WOD.

The High intensity portion of the day will always be programed with the strength or skill in mind. avoiding redundancy or to increase reinforcement of a specific aspect of the part “A”. Also, how it applies to the larger programming intent of the week, month(s). Along with a prudent time frame/volume that will undulate throughout the week to allow recovery and or take into account the overall programming.


workout of the day-

Tall snatch+ OH squat
Work to heavy 2 rep
A2. 3×10 5/5 farmer carry lunge (heavy as possible with control)


5 HANG SNATCH 115/85
15 SLAM BALLS 20 /15

CrossFit Lite-

A. Tabata
Cycle 1 – L-Sit on Rings or boxes
Cycle 2 – Mountain Climbers

B. 5 Rounds
10 Goblet Squats with KB
12 KB Swings
10 KB Rows (5/5)
50m Lung with KB
Cash Out: 30 Russian Twists with KB

-3 Burpees every top of the minute
15 minute time cap

Beginner CrossFit-

A. Backsquat 5-5-5-5

B. 10 to 1
Wall Ball