One Day or Day One?

Do you start your fitness journey today? Or wait for another day? It’s your call.

Our Jump Start program is designed and tailored around YOU.  Every new client comes to us with their own unique goals, strengths and weaknesses.  This program allows our coaches to get to know you and prepare you for group training in the fastest and safest manner possible.

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The Program

The Jump Start program is much more than just showing up and working out.  We’ve built this program from the ground up to begin teaching you everything you need to life a healthy life!

You simply show up and commit to changing your life, and leave the rest in the hands of our expert coaches.  We take all the guesswork out of it.

The Fast Track To Group Class

Our group classes are where all the magic and the fun happens.  This Jump Start program is your fast track into the group.  In 4 or 8 one hour sessions we will get you ready for the group. In this time you will learn:

  • The concepts, terminology, and processes of functional fitness training.
  • Safe (and unsafe) movement patterns.
  • Key, complex movements that utilize multiple muscles and joints.
  • Your coach (and your coach will learn about you!)

4 or 8 Sessions

Depending on your abilities and knowledge,  you will start off with a 4 or 8 session Jump Start.  As there is a lot to learn, most clients will require an 8 session Jump Start, so we have more time to go over all the fundamentals with them.

In the 8 session Jump Start, you will have the ability to spend multiple days on the most complicated movements we teach. This slowed down learning pace is very helpful to graduate you prepared for group.  IF you have prior experience in one or many of these movements, we can explore the 4 session option, which will teach multiple movements per day.


Session Details

4 or 8 Private Sessions
Depending on your fitness
Schedule date & times with a coach
Starting at $298


Don’t just take our word for it – see what other people had to say about the Jump Start Program!

Jump Start was an amazing program!  I was a little intimidated at first, but after my first class I realized THIS was the place for me!  So glad I made the jump!


Torrance, CA

I’ve always been athletic and into keeping in shape, but this was a whole new level for me!  I cannot believe how much I learned and how much fitter I got in 3 weeks!  Looking forward to joining the group classes!


Gardena, CA

I work a desk job. My doctor recently told me I needed to get more exercise, so I tried this. Everyone was so encouraging – I look forward to coming every day!


Torrance, CA

Program Details

Movement Instruction

Every day we meet, you will learn and be coached how to properly perform key movements.  Understanding how the human body was meant to move, and applying those techniques will help you not only in the gym, but in every day life.


The most important aspect of this program is the education.  Not only will you learn proper movement patterns, but you will also learn dozens of concepts ranging from what fitness is, why intense training is the best training you can do for results, how diet and nutrition play into it all and more.  The things you learn you can take with you for life!

Mobility and Stretching

Every session will begin with some mobility and stretching concepts.  You will learn more ways to keep your body limber and flexible as well as great warm up and cool down processes.


The workout, under the eye of your coach, will serve in reinforcing the movement training you just received as well as give your body a good old fashioned sweat!  You will also come to learn the concepts of intensity, which will be one of the core tenant of our fitness methodology.


The cornerstone of any fitness program is nutrition.  Depending on your goals, nutritional guidance can vary.  Our coaches can help steer you in the right direction, provide you with various resources to help you take control of your nutrition.

Graduation To Group

Once you’re done with Jump Start, you’ll be equipped to join our CrossFit Group classes.  This is where the real magic happens.  As a member of our fitness minded community, you will find higher and higher levels of fitness as you continue to come to the classes.

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