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Regionals Shirt Pre-Sale is Almost Over!

If you have not gotten your Jamie Hagiya Regionals Fan Shirt yet, the window of opportunity is closing FAST.  After Wednesday (April 20th) you will not be able to buy this shirt any longer – as we’re only ordering based on the pre-sale numbers.


Get this sweet shirt and come represent at Regionals with the TCF Crew!

  Get this sweet shirt and come represent at Regionals with the TCF Crew!

Whether or not you are planning on going to Regionals, pick up this supremely awesome shirt as designed b our very own Mike E!  It features a flip up Jamie face on the inside front – that we’ll all be flipping up when Jamie is competing to make it look like there’s a ton of Jamie’s in the stands.

Compliment that with a bright red, stand out from the masses color and a super cool logo/design and this shirt is yet another limited edition winner in our catalog of shirts. If you can’t tell by our current supply of shirts, they usually go FAST and then they’re gone.

Pre-Order Yours Now!

Going To Regionals?

Whether this is your first Games year or you’ve been doing this for years now, you MUST roll with the TCF Family to Regionals!  It’s an amazing experience and a pretty cool chance to see Jamie in action against the best women of California – all vying for a chance to get into the CrossFit Games!

Even if you can only make it down for one day – trust me – it’s WORTH the trip.  The competition is fierce, the stadium is electric, and our fan support is top notch!

If you have not gone before you will witness a level of CrossFit you’ve never before seen – and you’ll have a chance to cheer Jamie on to a potential CrossFit Games bid!

Announcing our First Ever TCF Hat Pre-sale!


Our new TCF Trucker Hat

Our new TCF Trucker Hat

You’ve long been asking for a TCF Hat, and we’re happy to announce we’ve finally got one!  Available only for pre-sale, just like this Regionals shirt, our new TCF hat is a perfect compliment to your Jamie Regionals Fan Shirt!

Only $15, and just as stunning as everything else we do.  Get on this while you can!

This pre-order is closing on 4/20 (2 days!!!) so don’t procrastinate.  We have to have all orders in to printer by then to make the cutoff before Regionals!

Pre-Order Your Hat Now!