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Following are the blog post guidelines.  Pelase follow these while creating your blog posts to speed up the editorial process:


  • Keep your content broken up into easily flowing groups of text. People won’t read a one-paragraph 500 work post, but they will read a post broken up into five 100 word paragraphs.
  • Use bullet points whenever you can.  Same deal, people will scan and see a bullet list and think “easily digestible reading ahead”
  • Break every content section up with a HEADING 3.  that’s what is above that reads “Formatting”.  Title each section with something that summarizes the content block.
  • Try to use at least one photo placed 1/4 of the way down the post.  Again, people see photo and the reading gets less intense.
  • Use as little words as possible to get your point across.


  1. Use the “Add Media” tool at the top of the posting area.
  2. Upload the image.  Always have the image align left or right and always put a caption.  This will fix some of the stupid formatting errors that can happen.
  3. Also, always choose the medium version of the photo  (should be like 300px tall or wide).  The thumbnail is usually too small.
  4. Captions need to be short and succinct.