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A common phrase I hear in CrossFit gyms is “I need to get stronger.” Especially for the veteran class-goer. And even though having a bigger 1 rep max will make you technically “stronger” it won’t necessarily translate into having a faster “Isabel” time or “Grace” time. It doesn’t necessarily make you “WOD Strong” (as I like to call it).

There are reasons for this that I won’t dive too deep into but it has a lot to do with your energy systems. The best way, for me, to put it is- If you TRAIN for a 1rep max, you’ll be better at performing a 1rep max. In CrossFit, however, 1rep max’s are very very short and, for veteran Athletes, seldom.

So, we at Torrance Training Lab have developed an intelligent 8-week strength bias program designed to take your “WOD Strength” to the next level. This means the result of going through this program will increase your strength endurance. You will be stronger at a high heart rate* for a longer period of time. You’ll have more confidence walking up to movements that requires higher efforts. Also, the cool thing is; your 1rep max WILL increase as a result because the program is similar to a “Linear” progression style of programming. Their will be fewer metcons and they will also be shorter*.

Our Summer strength program will start July 9th for 8 weeks with Coach Dean. It will be a 4 day split with Saturday meet ups (Saturdays are not mandatory but encouraged as it helps me have some coaching time with athletes).

Cost: $60 for TTL members, $75 for non-TTL members

Link to register: