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In our world there’s a terms that’s often just thrown around.


If you’re newer here, programming is the design and pattern of the workouts that you do.  They are NOT random – and they generally follow the guidance of a programmer and what his or her direction is for the gym.

Of course, everyone who does it has their own angle and direction with it.  And like almost everything that someone puts a lot of energy into (most programmers spend 5 – 8 hours a month designing the workouts for you), most programmers think their workouts are hands down the best thing on Earth. Ever.

Design With A Purpose

Our members might have recognized a distinct shift in the workouts lately.  Maybe you just feel like something is different.  Perhaps, if you’re more in tune with things you can put a finger or two on it.

Like I said, every workout program has it’s own design and purpose.  Since joining the ranks at Torrance CrossFit, Coach Andy has taken on the role of programming.  He actually asked to do it, because the challenge of working with the constituency of a gym and getting them in a particular direction is a challenge he sought.

I want to be clear on Andy’s current goals for programming (as he has told me, but likely not everyone).

  • Each workout is designed to be doable, but if you dig deep can be soul crushing.
  • This period of workouts is designed to train you to dig a little deeper each workout.  Wherever you are today, the idea is by the end, you will have found the capacity to go a little deeper.
  • To replicate some of the types of workouts we will see during the upcoming Open, and thus to get our gym to be better prepared for the Open.  This will give you all some experience with the formats of the workouts we will be doing in the open.
  • To prepare as many of you as possible for the types of movements we will expect to see in the Open (and doing a large volume of those movements leading up to the Open)
  • Most importantly – to have FUN and find growth in yourself as you progress thru the workouts.

Let’s All Dig Deeper and See Where We Get

What I would like from you all is to take his goals and direction for the current programming period and run with it.  Dig deeper when you can.  Go unbroken if you can.  Analyze the workout at hand and try to find the meaning of it yourself (this will truly make you a better athlete, if you can look at a workout and determine what the goal and meaning is).

Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with Andy’s workouts so far.  I hate them while I’m doing them, but I love every aspect of them once I’m done.   Join me, and let’s as a gym every day push a little deeper and see what happens.