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Opening a new box is a ton of work.   Luckily for us, we like to do work. Fast.

Ready? Go!

Man, I tell you… being a CrossFitter has it’s perks everywhere, but the one place I feel it helps the best is when it comes to good old fashioned “Getting Stuff Done”.  Since the premise of CrossFit is getting work done with the most intensity – we’re all used to this notion.

So here we are.  Looking down the barrel of the gun that is “Opening A New CrossFit Box”.  A daunting and arduous task to some, but to CrossFitters, we say “Start the clock (wait, I think I need to tinkle first)”.

One. Big. Empty. Space. (and some beer)

One. Big. Empty. Space. (and some beer)

Start The Clock!

So here’s what we got:

  • One (1) big empty warehouse.  Well not all that empty, apparently The Strand Brewing company is using our warehouse right now to store beer.  We’ll be neighborly about that.
  • Much too much office space.  Maybe 2,000SF to be exact right now.  You know what that means?  First workout will involve sledgehammers, no doubt.
  • A mean vision.  It will include sports.  And CrossFit. And slamming barbells. And kids. And maybe even coffee.  Seriously…. so much.   This place is a blank canvas, and we’re looking forward to putting our vision to work, but it’s going to take some time and a lot of energy… and what do you know? We have both.

Taking Members Soon

We know you’d love to pay us some of your hard earned money to sit and look at beer brew, but we’re going to horde that experience to ourselves.  But this is happening, and it’s going to happen fast, so keep an eye close on us if you’d like to be part of our first crew of members.  It likely will carry with it the bragging rights of telling “the newbies” down the road you remember when you had to do your workouts uphill.  Both ways.  In the snow.  More importantly, we’ll likely have a membership kick off special and I think that’s all you really care about =)

Until we meet know we’re already working for you.