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This has been a seriously long week.  No blog post tonight, I’m running on fumes!

Reminder – No 6:30PM Class tonight – nor is there Beginner CrossFit class today.

Workout of the Day


A. Strength
2 max set for time:
L sit hold
2 max set bar hang

B.  MetCon
death by x 10
3 slam balls 25/20
3 kb cleans 1/.5pd

Rest 2 min

Death by x 10min
1 wall walk
1 wall ball sit-up 20/14

For both deathby’s start at the reps prescribed, and go up one rep per minute (capped at 10 minutes)
*if athlete does not complete respective reps in min, they may recycle down to beginning death by rep count and build back up with remaining time

CrossFit Lite

A. MetCon

20 seconds work/10 seconds rest for 8 rounds per movement
push ups
air squat

B. Metcon 

7 SBs
7 WBs
7 10m shuttle run

C. Abs / Mobility