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For Beginner CrossFit last week, we taught them how to do a Turkish get up, which is a movement we have done in the past but don’t practice as much as we should. I had mixed feelings about the movement but after reading and doing some research, I’m kind of sold on it.

The Turkish get up is probably the earliest tests of strength. Before barbells and racks were invented, the TGU was used as a general test of strength. To me, the TGU was a confusing movement because it’s pretty technical and you have to use your brain to remember all the parts, I also never really knew what the purpose of it was. Once I started researching about it, it made so much more sense to me & when I demonstrated them I felt my shoulders, core and hips activate more since I knew what muscle groups were supposed to be working.

Breaking Muscle  & Juggernaut Training Systems put out  great articles that lists the many benefits which include:

-Shoulder & Hip mobility

-Shoulder and Hip stability

-Core & grip strength

-ability to link movement between upper and lower extremities

Another point is that doing TGU’s will get you used to having heavy weight overhead, so lets all do some TGU accessory work!

Other important announcements:

-Chad Vaughn Weightlifting Party on Friday is sold out! But be on the lookout tomorrow and Wednesday for extra ticket releases and make sure to register!

-Weekend Schedule: Saturday 9am CrossFit Lite, 10am CrossFit Kids

*Candice will be doing a beach yoga class open to any members for free/donation at 11am at Ave C in Redondo Beach

Sunday – Closed for Games

Workout of the Day:

A.  Sotts press (back rack)+ohs 2+1

8 Deadlift 55%max C&J
8 Ground to OH  55% max C&J
8 front squat @ 55% max C&J
Rest 2min
Amrap 6
4 pistols (alt)
8 box jump 24/20
12 slam ball 25/20

Beginner CrossFit:

A. Oly Weightlifting
3×5 Hang Power Cleans

B. MetCon

4 Rounds for Time
400m run
12 Hang Power Cleans

CrossFit Lite:

A. Max effort pullups / Max effort situps
B. 5 RFT
5 burpees
5 striders
5 pushups
5 wallballs
5 situps
C. Abs / Mobility