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Fit Lab: The Early Days

10043804306_aee402f828_bWhen we first started this venture, we set out to be known as “Fit Lab”.  The reasons back then were numerous, but simple:

While we believed and followed CrossFit as a workout system and fitness methodology, we knew we were setting out to do more.  We recognized even back then that what we wanted to bring to the community was more than just coming into a gym, doing a workout, moving some weight and going home.

We believed what we were doing was individualized.  Each client had a face, a name, a purpose of being there.  Each client had a commitment to our trainers and our processes just as much as we had a commitment to their goals, their dreams and their progress towards both.

We were passionate about the science of what we are doing.  We love studying the nuances of movement, human locomotion, fitness, adaptation, and athletics.  We loved applying what we learned to open new doors of curiosity which needed to be deeper explored.  This is why we LOVED the portion of our original name “Lab”. 

Torrance CrossFit: The Cease and Desist

28307782820_ded54b0856_kA local company, which we were unaware of owned a name very similar to ours, and kindly reminded of us this fact with a nice, no-option cease and desist.  We needed to find a new name, so Torrance CrossFit was born.

I’m proud to say, many of our existing members were with us thru transition.  It’s a testiment to the community we’ve built to know that many of our members have been with us from the early days of the gym!  For many of you, Torrance CrossFit might be all you have ever know us as.

Training Lab: Turning The Corner

ttl-logomark-black-512Today, we’re reinvesting in our quest to being a company that brings  fitness, nutrition, personal training, lifestyle and nutrition coaching, movement instruction and athletic development to our local community.  We’re officially beginning our brand change from Torrance CrossFit to The Training Lab.

We’re excited for this change and you’ll start to see it happening in the gym in the days and weeks to come.  In order to avoid mass confusion and hysteria, we thought we would outline our plans here.

The first step has been done for months.  Finding a name and logo.  To do this, we hired a pretty high-end designer (and entrepreneur), Jane Chung to take us down the path of rebranding.  We honestly could only afford her because she’s Kiwi’s friend.  In the process, she asked us a lot of questions that made us really think. Who are we?  Why are we doing this? What do we want to be known for? How should our clients feel about us?  

We wanted a logo that spoke of strength, power, and speed, but also would look AMAZING on clothes, stickers, and other hard goods.  The result was the logo you see here on this blog today.  We think she nailed it.

The second step is already in motion – this website and blog.  If you’re reading this now, you notice the entire site has changed to reflect the new name, domain, and branding.  We did a little soul searching and decdied to move away from the TCF Orange and more towards a sleek and modern blue and black colorway.  I also used this opportunity to clean up the server situation and speed up the website (significantly!)

The third step will be re-branding the physical gym space.  We will be doing this the weekend of October 1st (and maybe the days leading up to it).  On the 1st, we will be painting the gym space, applying new wallball targets, and installing other things around the gym to “reboot” our space.

The fourth step will be trying to actually say “Training Lab”. I’m not going to lie, it’ll be hard to stop saying “TCF” and “Torrance CrossFit” and start saying “Training Lab”.  We encourage you to do the same =)

The last step will be tying it all together (the details). Business cards, car stickers, telelphone system recordings, social media pages, and… some very cool looking new apparel. The last step of this transformation will be to start to change over all the small details that make a business a business.

We Thank You For Being On This Journey With Us!

There’s going to be a lot of work to be done on our part to pull of this name and brand change, but we ultimately feel it reflects our current and future direction much better.   We will always believe in CrossFit as the workout system and training methodology of our gym – but by expanding our brand the The Training Lab, we will be able to represent a whole lot more to a larger segment of the community we seek to help!