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Last night kicked off the 2018 CrossFit Games Open, and just like every other year previous, someone on my Facebooks mistook me participating in the Open with me actually competing in the Open.  I am proud to say, I’ve done every Open – and not once have I done it with any delusion of competing.

Then why the heck do I do it? And an even better question… why do I LOVE it?  Because this is one of those moments that encompass the whole human experience that fulfills us as people.

In a single day, here’s the emotions and experiences I got to experience as my 2018 Open season kicked off… how many of these did you experience?

  • Fear.  Yesterday morning I realized that “today was the day”.  It was almost like a big test was upon me, and let’s be real, I haven’t exactly been preparing for this.  Until today it’s been this looming date, ticking closer and closer – and Thursday morning it sunk in that it was here.
  • Worry. With every Open there comes the element of surprise.  You never know exactly what you will asked to do, and that’s worrisome! I have so many holes in my skill sets – will the workout be something in those?
  • Excitement.  As the workout was announced, it got pretty exciting.  The gym was abuzz with people watching along with us, and I realized in minutes we would be embarking on our “test”.
  • Anxiety.  Standing on one end of these Open workouts, knowing I’m about to begin is about one of the most nerve wracking things ever. Generally speaking, in daily workouts, I’m working out to work out. But when the Open comes, and a judge has eyes on you, the workout changes…
  • Struggle.  About 10 minutes into 18.1, I was ready to call it a day.  If you have yet to do it, it’s really just like any workout… it’s twice as long as you’d like it to be, and it’ll make you uncomfortable.
  • Perseverance.  Simply said, when you are ready to be done and you’re only half way done with something, either you find a way to persevere, or you quit.
  • Accomplishment. Being able to push past your comfort zones and accomplish things you didn’t realize you could is a daily part of what makes CrossFit so amazing to me.  This happens for every single person who puts their mind to it at the gym.  My personal goal was to get deep into the 6th round, and I was able to push myself to finish 7 rounds.  Even 7 years into these things, there’s so much power and accomplishment in these little daily achievements.
  • Gratitude.  As I sat at home after the day, reflecting…. I just had an immense feeling of gratitude.  For the ability to still do these things, for having a gym full of people so supportive, for my business partners and for our community.  It was a nice way to end the night, feeling so great about things 🙂

IF this is your first Open with Torrance Training Lab, embrace it!  I think this period of time between now and regionals is pure magic.  These five weeks will feel like an eternity, as you’re dealing with all these emotions are more – but once they’re done, it’ll feel like it passed in a flash.

In the end, emotion is what makes life worth living – both the “bad” and the “good” ones.  Yesterday, my day felt like a rollercoaster – but without all of these feelings, what would my day have been? Pretty boring.

I hope you all find these weeks to be as amazing as I always do!  I’m out of town this weekend, but I’m looking forward to next Friday!