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Very very very long day for me.  It ended last night at (get this) 5AM.  I woke up at 8AM and been on the go since.  Hence, this blogger needs to knock out – NOW.

Workout of the Day


A. Olympic Lifting
Snatch- heavy single for day

B. MetCon
Amrap 12
30 double unders
12 pistols(5/5)
10 shoulder to overhead @ 50% max push press
rope climb/8 ring rows /5 strict pullups

15min time cap

Beginning CrossFit

A. MetCon
500m Row Sprint x 2

B. MetCon
10 Wallball
5 PushUps
Rest 2
10 Wallball
5 Knees To Elbows (TTB)


CrossFit Lite

A. 200m-100m-50m-25m x 2 Plate/Farmers Carry

*Increase weight as the distance decreases*
B. Partner Workout!
3 Rounds
Row 80 cal / Air Squats
20 Burpees with WB / Wall Sits
20 Ring Rows / Hanging from bar
20 KBS / Hold Goblet Squat
20 Dead Lifts/ REST
200m Run Together (one partner runs backward, one partner guides)
Cash Out: 50 Partner Leg Lifts
*18 minute Time Cap*