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Scoring Event 1: Top 5 Women’s scores per team:

Boomsauce – 1 point

Cheryl Masukawa 180
Tiffany Felis 178
Madeleine Galvez 163
Merry Lee 154
Naddia Galvez 150

Total – 825 points

Dream Team – 2 points

Valerie Katayama 167
Kyoko Uryu 158
Nindy Gonzales 152
Kyomi Bolender 147
Amy Miyamoto 131

Total – 755 points

Team Aloha- 3 points

Haley Larson 173
Linda Dao 159
Shanelle Tsuye 108
Crystal Arrietta 103
Leah Tagumasi 99

Total – 642 points

Scoring Event 2: Top 5 Men’s scores per team:

Dream Team – 1 point

Drew Manuel 185
Sean Flynn x 181
Marcos Soltero 181
David Estes 180
Eric Masukawa 174

Total – 901 points

Team Aloha – 2 points

Pauly Ly 181
Taka Suzuki 180
Eric Somodio 180
Ryan Murakami 178
Chris Ready 172

Total – 891 points

Boomsauce – 3 points

Fritz Oettinger 184
Trent Hagiya 181
Art Velasquez 175
Marvin Velazquez 175
Kirk Tsuye 175

Total – 890 points

Scoring Event 3: Team Scores

Team Aloha – 1 point (1925 points)

Boomsauce – 2 points (1826 points)

Dream Team – 3 points (1517 points)

Scoring Event 4: Attendance

Boomsauce – 1 point (26 participants)

Dream Team – 2 points (25 participants)

Team Aloha – 3 points (24 participants)

Standings for week 4:

Boomsauce – 7 points
Dream team – 8 points
Team aloha- 9 points

This week, Team Aloha’s co-MVP’s are Pauly Ly and Chivas Fujimoto! Both guys did 14.4 on Friday night and got a score of 180, which is really good but they both knew they could get a muscle up. So they tried the workout again over the weekend and both guys got their muscle up! That was a workout I would not want to do twice so I have to give it up to both of them! Honorable mention goes to Regina Jorge because before this workout she never did a toe to bar. She practiced so hard and ended up with 2!! I’m so proud of her! I can’t believe there’s only 1 workout left before it’s all over and I just want to say that Team Aloha has done an amazing job. Let’s kick ass on 14.5!!

Merry lee is the boomsauce MVP. If you haven’t seen her in a while that’s because she’s been our of the country doing volunteer work. She basically hasn’t been able to workout in over two weeks. To complicate things upon arriving back in the states she turned right around and made a trip to Atlanta. Merry did 14.4 in Atlanta. Upon returning she came back into the gym to redo the workout. For not only being away on a humanitarian trip but coming back and doing 14.4 two times in a short span while being jet lagged and worn down from all she had done I’m giving merry the team MVP this week. A true MVP shows up and puts in their all every chance they can and we saw that this week from merry!

My MVP this week goes to Drew Manuel! He got 5 muscle ups which was the highest score at the gym. He also has been paving the way for the Dream Team posting a high score every week of 14.1, 14.2, 14.3, and now 14.4. But he’s my MVP this week, not only because he’s one of the best and strongest pound for pound athletes at the gym, but because he’s extremely humble, down to earth and always willing to help out others. For being such a great guy and also KILLING 14.4, he’s my Most Valuable Player. Oh and… His sister Tina just joined our gym commuting all the way from Monrovia!!!!! She doesn’t live or work around here but loves our gym and community, so introduce yourself and make her feel welcome like you all always do!

Workout of the day:
A. Behind the neck jerk +1 OH squat 2reps x 3 sets
(work up to 45% effort for day)

B. 5 rounds
30 double unders (90 singles)
1 rope climb (6 ring rows)
6 power snatch 95/65
12 hollow rocks