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Tonight, I am assigning my first homework to our clients.  I want each of you to do two things between now and the 1st.

  1. Take a selfie in your underwear.  Put it somewhere safe (not on iCloud, for instance, haha).  Prepare yourself to make some changes in 2015, and this photo is going to serve as your reminder of how far you’ve come pretty soon.
  2. Take out a piece of paper, and clear your mind for 15 minutes.  Think about what you want to accomplish this year. This list can be anything, but I am particularly interested in fitness related goals.  Write your goals down and tape that paper on your bathroom mirror.  Then take a photo of your goals.

Post the photo of your GOALS (not your underwear) to YOUR Facebook page.  Tag us (@TorranceCrossFit) and #TCFConquers2015 – I’m going to personally pick one winner to win a bag of protein (Progenex or SFH… your choice)


Workout of the Day

General CrossFit

A. Stength
2 Sets @ 50/60% max snatch
2 snatch hipull + 2 snatch (full)

2 Sets @ 70%/75% max snatch
2 snatch hi pull + 1 snatch

B. MetCon
200m run
10deadlifts 135/95
8 pushpress  135/95
6 burpee bar jump overs

rest 2

repeat for AMRAP 6

CrossFit Lite

“Deck of Cards”
Hearts= Burpee bar touch
Diamonds = Wall balls
Spades = Slam Balls
Clubs = Pullups

Card value = number of reps
Face cards = 11 reps
Aces = 50 m bear crawl (rig to rig and back)

Number of cards / Rounds pulled will be determined by the morning coach.

Beginner CrossFit

A. Strength
OHS 3-3-3-3

B. MetCon
5 ohs
10 slam balls
15 step ups with sb

Rest 2 min then repeat