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16.1, the First Friday night lights of the 2016 TCF Open Intramural is happening this week! To clarify on how we will be scoring each week, here is a breakdown of what categories we will be judging. Side note, the introduction of the scaled division made things a little more complicated last year so please bear with us if we make a few adjustments from this post. Here are the 6 categories we will be scoring each team on:

1.) Top 5 Men (RX only)

2.) Top 5 Women (RX only)

3.) Overall Average Team (RX only – all the more incentive to try to attempt RX workouts as much as possible to help your team)

4.) Participation (You have Thursday night-Monday @5pm to submit score)

5.) Top 3 Scaled Men

6.) Top 3 Scaled Women

***IF you choose to do the scaled workouts, you must get pre-approval from Dan/Kei, Lexie/Chiv, Jamie/Zu or Andy/Jen. We know your capabilities and want to encourage you to push yourself (that’s what the Open is all about!)

Cheryl’s Lites team will have a scaled workout as well and will be scored a little differently (stay tuned).

Lowest score will win and we’ll be updating the team scores weekly.

We’ll be doing the same certificates as last year and it will be mandatory to be filled out in order to be eligible to win MVP and the coveted Lululemon Prize!  IMG_3739



How to sign up for heats:

Because of the increase of participants this year, we will be doing an online sign up form who will have first dibs on their heat times, then we’ll take names from the whiteboard after. Link to sign up online will be available Thursday evening after 16.1 is announced.


Can’t wait for the competition to start Friday! See you all there, don’t forget the potluck too!