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It’s the most exciting time of the year for all CrossFit gyms. The Open is here and it’s 5 weeks of workouts that get announced every Thursday at 5pm starting February 22nd. People from all over the world will be doing the same workouts so you can compare how you stack up by region and age group. For our Open Intramurals, we are not requiring you to sign up through CrossFit.com – although you are more than welcome to to see where you stand. Each Friday, we’ll be hosting the Open workouts and at night – we’ll be running heats. 

T-Shirts: This year, we’re doing something super cool and unique and you get to feel like you’re a REAL CrossFit Games athlete. Each shirt will have your last name on the back of your team shirt! How cool is that? This is why the deadline to sign up is crucial so we ensure everyone has their shirt in time for the 1st workout.

COST: $25 will place you on a team, have you be eligible for Lululemon shop day and also include a custom team t-shirt!!

Teams: this year, we have 6 teams headed by Dean, Robbie, Blake, Trent, Jamie/Jenn, and Lexie/Cheryl. We are drafting teams and will be announced Monday, January 22nd! Each team will have matching team shirt colors!

Potluck: we’ll be having a kick off potluck to celebrate the first week of the Open on Friday, 23rd! An event invitation will follow shortly. We will also have a party to celebrate the last week of the Open to celebrate all your hard work! 

Heats: Fridays will be programmed for the Open wods. We’ll be running heats and you will have a judge to count your reps and make sure you are adhering to the movement standards specified.

Prizes and other perks! We love Lululemon and are so grateful of their support – They have offered all Intramural participants a private shop event so you can be geared up for the Open. (Date and time TBA). Winners will be chosen based on their Open scores and participation. 

Also, the championship team will ge a FREE bottom of select styles.


1.) What if I can’t do some of the workouts RX?

  • No worries! Although the Open is the perfect time and setting to get your first Double Under or Muscle up, we do have scaling options and will help your team out no matter which level you do.

2.) What if I can’t make it on Fridays?

  • You can still make up the Open workout for that week until Monday evening at 5pm. To be fair to all teams, all scores must be submitted by Monday at 5pm, no exceptions. Just try and have a friend judge and count your reps. You can also do the workouts Thursday evening after the workout is announced.


1/3/17- Registration for Open Intramural starts!

1/17/17 – Last day to sign up for the Intramurals! This is a hard date because we need to order our shirts to get them in time for 1st workout

1/23/17- First Open workout and potluck at night!




There will also be a sign up sheet at front desk and on whiteboard to write your name down.