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IF YOU ATTENDED THIS WORKSHOP please leave feedback in the comments.
I know Carl, and he would LOVE to hear feedback… good, bad and ugly =)

Fit Lab members were treated to a special treat tonight.  I think some of our members didn’t even know how special of a treat it really was until things kicked off.  Carl Paoli came down to the Lab this evening to announce the launch of his forthcoming book and to host a special invite only movement workshop.

If you are a Fit Lab member who attended the seminar, please make sure you go to this site and register.  They will be releasing chapters and content for free – and as Carl mentioned he would like you feedback on anything he does release. He’s not kidding when he says that you are important in both his progression as a coach and in the book as well.  (I guess this applies to anyone, not just Fit Lab members!)

Below are some photos we took at the event. If you didn’t make it, never fear – we’ll be working with Carl to get him down here for a seminar when he has a free weekend.  Trust me, just like our upcoming FuBarbell seminars (beginner and advanced),  it’s well worth the price.

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Workout of the Day

July 25th, 2013

A. Strength
PushPress 5×5

Weight loaded should remain the same for all 5 sets.  

B. MetCon
200m run
6 cleans
12 t2b