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Just want to say that this has been another great Open season and I hope you all had fun with it! Also, Regionals tickets go on sale tomorrow! Official scores haven’t all been inputted but if you weren’t there on Friday night let me tell you that Jamie KILLED 15.5 to pretty much secure her spot in the top 20 qualifiers for So Cal Regionals. You can buy your tickets here:¬†http://games.crossfit.com/region

If you haven’t experienced Regionals, it’s a crazy fun weekend. It so happens to land on Memorial Day weekend and this year, Nor Cal will be combined with So Cal so tickets, lodging will sell out fast!

Beach Workout Reminder!

This coming Saturday we’ll be heading down to the beach to do a workout at 9:30am at Avenue I in Redondo. Come out and get a great workout & maybe hang out for some beach volleyball after! We will only be having an 8am Lites class that day so everyone should try and come out to the beach if you can!

It’s also Easter Sunday so we will be closed for the day!


Workout of the Day:

A.Front Squat
A.2 back off set @ 80% x 4×3

chest 2 bar pull up
Power Cleans 185/105 or 60%max C&J

CrossFit Lite:

A. EMOM 20
Min 1: 10 WBs
Min 2: 10 burpees
Min 3: 10 box jumps

B. Tabata core

Beginner CrossFit:

Deadlift 5-5-5

40m. Farmer Walk
40m. Lunge Steps
200m Run