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Since the weather has been so nice, we decided to do a beach wod this Saturday, August 31st at 9am to kick off the holiday weekend! So no workout at Fit Lab and back to regular 10:30am workout on Sunday. We’ll meet at Avenue I in Redondo Beach on the sand. We’ll probably make a day out of it so feel free to bring friends and family to enjoy a nice day at the beach. We’ll bring some volleyballs and hopefully get a beach volleyball game going too! Feel free to bring snacks/drinks to enjoy after the workout. Hope to see you all there! Oh and don’t forget the sunscreen!


A. Bench Press 3-3-3-2-2

B. EMOM 15 minutes
2 clean and jerk @ 135/75

100ft farmers walk (#35/25 plates)
*5 burpees if plate is dropped Tuesday