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While we all know we’re the most amazingly social people AT the box, what you might not know is we’re pretty social online too!  I wanted to write a quick post as a one-shot stop to find all of our social media awesomeness – so here it is!

Make sure to like/follow/tweet/instagram/etc. the hell out of us.  We love it!

Our Facebook Page is likely our most central spot for social media.  Like us on Facebook for pretty much everything you’d want or need information wise from us.  Photos, blog links, random thoughts, links to videos, events… seriously everything.  If you don’t have a Facebook account, we also try to post as much of the info as we can on our website, but it ALL gets posted to Facebook.

Our Instagram profile is the place to go for quick, awesome photos and videos of cool things CrossFit and health related.  We post many times daily, so there’s a good amount of action there!  

Our Twitter page is a little less used, but still a good thing to follow! : )

Rate Our Yelp Page if you like what you’re seeing out of us!  The feedback will help others who are not familiar with CrossFit and/or our facility make better informed choices.  We appreciate the reviews you send us!

Checkin To Us on FourSquare and let others know that you’re putting in your hard work at the Fit Lab!

 While You’re At It

Don’t forget to checkin when you come to the box on your favorite social media / checkin app. Be it Facebook, Yelp or Foursquare, we love to see and know that you’re at the box.  It also let’s your friends know your serious about your heath.  You’d be amazed how many people have come up to me after their first year or so of CrossFitting and told me that they would like to thank me for passively getting them into CrossFit.  All the photos, status messages, and check-ins are seen by your friends, and eventually they too might want to find a healthier lifestyle!

Workout of the Day

Instructor led Mobility 20 min
Take 20 minutes to work on mobilization.  It might just help out in these OHS.

400 m run
15 OHS (95#/65#)