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When you see CrossFit athletes with washboard abs and razor sharp muscle definition, it’s easy to make assumptions about how they eat: they must not eat any carbs, drink beer, or eat dessert! They must train so much that they can eat whatever they want! You might even assume that whatever way they eat – be it Paleo, Zone, Primal, macro-based, vegan, raw or anything else – will yield similar results for you. And it may, but it may not. This blog post will not dissect and compare the pros and cons of common “diets” in the CrossFit community; instead, it’s intended to provide general advice for optimizing your own nutrition.
1. As an athlete, understand the connection between your diet and your athletic performance. Just like with sleep, hydration, stress management and other factors “outside the box”, your diet choices will impact how you’re able to perform in the box, both in the immediate (eg, how you do in any given WOD) and in the longer term (eg, ability to build endurance, strength, etc over time). Experiment to determine what works for you and what doesn’t, as far as improving your performance – including timing and composition of food and replenishment before/during/after workouts.
2. There is no single guaranteed/foolproof diet or way of eating that yields equal and comparable success for everyone who does it. Just because your friend lost 20 pounds in 2 months eating a certain way doesn’t mean you will (or should). Both non-controllable variables like genetics (including gender, age, body type, medical factors like allergies) and controllables (like activity levels, lifestyle, current body composition and eating habits) will affect how well a particular way of eating works for you, and how sustainable it is for you.
3. Know your goal. Are you a new mom who wants to lose baby weight? An endurance athlete who wants to wants to fuel hours of training in a day? A weightlifter who wants to make a certain weight class for a meet? While not mutually exclusive, there may be a different approach that’s better suited for each of these goals. Having a clear goal will also help you get back on track if you fall off the wagon.
4. Be realistic about what it will take to achieve your goal, and the tradeoffs you’re willing and able to make. If you don’t have time to cook, you may need to make different choices when and where you eat out. If you have a family of picky eaters, determine how feasible it will be to pursue changes on your own without their involvement. Sustained incremental progress requires consistency and patience.
If you want help with your nutrition, our coaches are happy to talk through different eating and nutrition approaches and to discuss your goals.

Workout of the Day:

A. Tall Snatch+Mid Hang Snatch
-work to heavy set
Buy in: 200 double unders (total)
TRANSITION TO (totals) :
50 burpee w/plate 45/25
40 box jump overs 24/20
30 hang power clean 185/115 or 70-75% clean and jerk
20 plyo pushups to plate 45/25
Cashout: 200 double unders (total)
Time cap: 20 min

CrossFit Lite:

A. Practice Strict Press find 5RM

B. 10-1
-Chest to bar pull ups
-Medicine Ball Cleans
-Broad Jumps

-40 Bicycle Kicks
-40 Ankle Taps
-20 Side Crunches (alternate 10/10)

Beginner CrossFit:

3 Power Clean
1 Push Press

10 Hang Cleans
10 KB Swings
200m Run