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Following up on my blog from yesterday on how to survive eating healthy this upcoming holiday season, we’re exciting to be hosting a way to keep us all on track & even make some MONEY!! Challenge will start DECEMBER 1! The more people signed up, more money is up to win!

We’re using DietBet as a fun and encouraging way to promote healthy habits and you get to do it with all your friends at Torrance Training Lab! We’re kicking it off in December to keep all of us accountable during the holidays when temptation hits us most, that way you’ll be able to start the New Year fresh and ready to keep on kicking butt in the gym!

How it works:

1.) Join our private group for Torrance Training Lab members and place your bet of $50. After 4 weeks, whoever has lost 4% of their body fat, will win the pot (multiple winners will split winnings). Sign up HERE

2.) Weigh ins will be done 2 days prior to the start of the challenge. You will be doing all weigh ins via our new InBody machine! It will calculate your weight, body fat percentage as well as BMI. We will also require a picture of yourself before and after the challenge. You will do another InBody reading at the end of the challenge, Jan. 1 to see your results!

3.) Check in and connect with fellow player for encouragement and support during this process! It’s better as a group! We’ll have a Facebook group started with everyone who’s participating!

*There are rules to this challenge (Unhealthy eating habits are not allowed or encouraged at all) and will be outlined in the group forum. Come talk to Lexie if you have any questions.

Here are some stats from DietBet:

  • 96% of players lose weight
  • Winners lose 9lbs on average
  • Winners get 1.5-2x their bet on average