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Today a bunch of us went down to Code 3 to cheer on Drew and Mike as they both competed in their first Olympic Lifting Competition. They both did amazing! If you have never been to one, it’s super nerve-wrecking as everyone is watching you and you only get 3 attempts per lift. I could tell Drew’s nerves got to him the first 2 lifts but he came back strong on his 3rd snatch with 175#! His body weight is 143! Kaji was solid as well, finishing with 195# snatch and he PR’d his Clean and Jerk with 240#! It was a great time and Jamie got talked into doing her first meet as well today! She also PR’d her Clean and Jerk at 235#!


Other Announcements:

Don’t forget to sign up for the 4th of July workout and BBQ! You won’t want to miss it! You only need to register if you want a food plate: https://fitlab.pushpress.com/open/event/4th-of-july-wod-b-3

I tried Aged Butchery sausage and ground beef and the quality was amazing!

Sunday July 5th 11am class will be at the beach!

Workout of the Day:



5 rounds

30 double unders
12 slam ball (from knees) 30/20
12 back squat 135/95 (from ground)
12 toes 2 bar

CrossFit Lite:

A. 250 x 2 row

B. AMRAP 8×3
10 burpees
10 slam balls
10 burpees
10 WBS
10 burpees
Rest 1 min after each round