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We get a fair share of drop-ins at TCF and there are sooo many CrossFit gyms in the area so if you have chosen our box before or in the future, we greatly appreciate it!

Reading this article : http://www.boxlifemagazine.com/community/drop-in-etiquette-what-you-need-to-know-athletes-owners made me realize how much I love it when people drop in because we get to know people from all over and have made new friends with a lot of them. I also love it because they get to experience what we do on a daily basis at Torrance CrossFit. We have built a great community and when I see our members be so welcoming to people it just warms my cold little heart! If you have ever dropped in and have any feedback (good or bad) we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to let us know via Facebook, Yelp, our website, etc.. We want to make your experience the best it can be, and we would love to be your choice for #1 on the list from the article. That being said, we also strive to check off all 3 points for the home box so hopefully we do just that.

If you are thinking about dropping in, as long as you have a home box and have a baseline understanding of CrossFit movements you can drop in for free. Here’s our drop-in policy and easy instructions: http://torrancecrossfit.com/about-fit-lab/drop-in-policy/




Workout of the day:
A. Front Squat
85% X 3-3-3
B. Met Con
E2min x 10 rounds
50m max effort sprint
8 kb snatch or 10 push press 1.5/1pd (alt)
*starting pos with KB snatch is on floor. push press is from front rack pos.

CrossFit Lite workout of the day:

90 sec max reps slam ball
3 min transition to..
10 wall balls
10 burpee box jump overs