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If you made it here – all you need to do is one thing: Please watch both videos.  I don’t care if you read my insight into any of it, but watch both videos and you can come to your own thought provoking moment.

It’s been quite a long day, and I’ve had every intention on just posting the workout of the day and walking away.

But then I saw this video. And I have to bubble this up to everyone.

Take a moment and watch this commercial from Reebok, one of the main sponsors and partners of CrossFit:

Reverse The Brainwash

Compare and contrast this to this amazing video by Always:

We’ve all been brainwashed 100 times til Sunday by the media.  One that particularly bothers me, being the father of a girl – is this “like a girl” shit.  There’s no such thing as “like a girl”.

I’d bet the farm, “like a girl” was made up by some insecure men who could not deal with a woman being as good as them.  But guess what – women ARE and SHOULD BE as good or better than men at things we traditionally understand as “men” things.

The Subpar Regionals

One thing about TCF that’s special in my opinion is we’re the embodiment of this concept.  This weekend one of our owners, Jamie Hagiya just went and competed against the top athletes in California at the CrossFit Games California Super Regionals.  Of course she killed it.

As a thought experiment, myself and some other people at the gym decided to do the Regional workouts – true to form in as many ways as possible – only that the men would use women weights.

We finished one day of this today.  The results – I would have finished DEAD LAST against every single woman who competed in every region thus far.

How’s that for “like a girl”.

We challenge you to challenge stereotypes here at Torrance CrossFit.  We teach you to re-think what has been drilled into your head, and we give you the tools to make more openminded and conscience decisions.  We show you how to be more aware about everything.  This isn’t just about fitness – somehow a whole lot of magic comes out of what we do within our walls daily.

Come join us and see what it’s about.

Workout of the Day

General CrossFit

A. Pushpress 5rm
A2 Drop set: 3×5 @ 90% 5rm 


200m run 
10Deadlifts 225/145 or 45-50% DL 5rm 
10 Toes 2 bar 

-time cap 15 min 

CrossFit Lite

A. 3×10 KB Row (single arm) 
3×10 KB side bends

B. 3 Rounds
6 Burpee box jump overs
40m bear crawl with SB
10 Box Dips
Cash Out: 400m Row + 800m Run

Beginner CrossFit

A. 20m Snatch work From Blocks 

10 Hang Snatches
20 Double Unders (or attempts)