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Are you a glass half full or half empty person? Are you someone that sees exercise as enjoyable or a chore? There’s no right or wrong answer, but a matter of Perception. How we see things is very subjective – like how I look at the Assault bike may be different than how Dan or Jamie look at it… To me, it brings up emotions like death, hard, impossible.. (very negative emotions as you can see) but that doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way.

We can teach ourselves to look at things differently, which will change how likely we are to become more motivated and accomplish a goal or task. In this  Ted Talk, they conducted a study on why exercise is harder for some people. The study concluded that a finish line seemed physically further away for those participants that were unmotivated to exercise. The same study also concluded that those participants who were told to keep their eye on the finish line were more likely to finish faster and with more ease than those that were told to look at their surroundings.

I think this is why CrossFit is so effective and works, because we all are surrounded by people who make exercising fun. Whether it be the constantly varied workouts, or friends that push us to become better – it makes working out a positive experience (so much so, that many outsiders think of CrossFit as a cult-like culture). I envision most people with no CrossFit experience who want to get in shape as seeing the gym as a chore, mindlessly walking on the treadmill with little to no interaction with anyone and aimlessly wandering around the machines because they don’t really know how to use them…And why would that scenario be motivating to anyone??

To make anything work in life, it needs to be enjoyable and focus and motivation. I’m going to try my best to change my perspective this month during our Assault bike challenge to look at it in a different light and keep my eye on the prize. And if you are in that population of people who don’t find exercising enjoyable, come try a workout with us to change your perspective!