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Fascia: A fascia (/ˈfæʃə//ˈfæʃiə/; plural fasciae /ˈfæʃɨ.i/; adjective or fascial; from Latin: “band”) is a layer of fibrous tissue.[1]A fascia is a structure of connective tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves, binding some structures together, while permitting others to slide smoothly over each other.[2] Various kinds of fascia may be distinguished.

fascia_flowYeah, if you’re anything like me… this makes zero sense.  It’s just a bunch of big medical terms put together in fancy sentences.   Granted I was a COMM major, but still, I think this can be confusing for a lot of folks.  After getting a massage last week (and no not the relaxing listen to nature-music kind) I’m talking about seeing a massage therapist who grinds his elbows and forearms into my back, IT bands, and chest so hard that I felt like screaming bloody murder, I got a follow up text from him the next day to see if I was still alive.   He asked how I was feeling and I told him pretty good, just felt like my chest and IT bands were bruised.  So his response was, “Yeah that’s just the *fascia releasing.” So of course I acted like I knew what he was talking about and responded “right” and then immediately googled what fascia was.

So to put things in simpler terms, he was referring to stretching the connective tissue to allow freer joint movement, which increases mobility. It makes it so your other muscles don’t have to work so hard to function normally, and relieves tension for people who have reoccurring pain or those looking for injury prevention.  Now doesn’t that sound like a dream. So far Marcos, Cheryl, and I can attest that by no means does it feel like a dream, but the results are undeniable. We all felt the difference immediately and definitely the days of training following. So for any of you looking to get worked on, we here at Torrance CrossFit are very lucky because we were introduced to one of the best in the business.  His name is Howard Reichenbach, and not only is he a CrossFitting massage therapist who knows what we all need, he’s a wonderful person with a heart of gold!  So if you’re interested we have all his information (email and phone number) and he’ll come to US, or even your home!  Talk to some of your box mates and ask around because it would be great if we can schedule him for a couple people at a time since he’s making the trip over from Long Beach.

Happy Mobility! And if he can make the mobility King (Marcos Soltero) jump off the massage table and make all kinds of weird noises… you know he’s good 🙂

Workout of the Day

A. Strength
Shoulder Press
3-3-3 @ 85%

B. MetCon
Even minutes- 8 Chest to bar pull-ups
Odd minutes- 2 burpees, 8 wall ball (20/14)

CrossFit lite workout of the day:
Even min- 8 pull-ups
Odd min- 2 burpees, 8 wall ball